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Oct 9, 2006 12:21 AM

Seattle Chowhound needs Cincinnati suggestions

I'm Seattle hound working a conference in Cincinnati later this month and need help finding a good place to go with about 40 people. We are looking for a sit down dinner that will range around the $30 mark that is not prie fix. We'll all be in biz-casual attire and we're looking for a restaurant that has good time/good food/good surroundings. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. Are you staying in Downtown Cincinnati?

    How far can you travel?

    With 40 people, you will have to plan ahead. Reservations are a must.

    Let me know your "travel" window, and I may be able to suggest some places.

    1. We will all be staying at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland on 35 W 5th St. We are looking for a place that is a short cab ride or walking distance - outside of the hotel. The dinner would be for Thursday night, Oct. 26th/


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        Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river would be able to accommodate a party your size. It fits all your requirements, and a lot of people say it's a "must do" while in Cincy.

        They do ribs, but it's not real BBQ. Decent BBQ sauce, though. I recommend the pork chop. Here's the website:

        If Italian is more your style, I believe Campanello's may be able to accommodate 40, with reservations. Good red sauce. I eat here often. Ask for Mary Ann {Campanello, the co-owner}. She's a hoot.

        If I think of others, I will post later!!

        Hope your stay here is a good one!!

      2. I'm from Chicago, and I really like good BBQ ribs. On a business trip to Cincinnati about two years ago, I also stayed in the Nederland hotel. I decided that I must try the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. It is a short cab ride from the hotel.

        Based on the amount of publicity that Montgomery Inn gets, I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed by the experience and disappointed by the ribs. I am delighted to be able to report that exactly the opposite was true. I liked the place!! I seem to remember friendly and good service, but I am absolutely sure that the ribs exceeded my expectations. (Not just my pessimistic attitude, but even my best expectations.) If you think your group would like a place like Montgomery Inn Boathouse, I highly recommend it, based upon my one visit.

        I hope you will post a trip report to let us know what you decided and how you liked it!

        1. Slim's in Northside, about 10 min. from downtown could probably accomodate 40 with advance notice. They ARE prix fixe, but with several choices within each course. No liquor license, but you can bring your own wine. Openers and glassware is supplied. It would fit your price range. M'gomery Inn Boathouse has a great view of the Ohio River, and service is usually efficient for big parties. I can't recommend the ribs and I find the sauce overbearingly sweet. Other choices are OK. To each his own.

          1. A short walk from the Netherland (BTW, make sure you spend plenty of time in the bar at the Netherland, which is beautiful) is Rock Bottom, a microbrew with decent food and plenty of room for 40 people. You might also inquire at the Bankers Club, which is on the 30th floor of a bank tower that's also a short walk; the food is decent and the view is spectacular, but you or someone in your group might have to be a member of a Bankers Club somewhere. And I second the Montgomery Inn Boathouse recommendation; order your ribs with sauce on the side.

            Up in Mount Adams, a short cab ride, there's Porkopolis, a chop house in the old Rookwood pottery factory. I haven't eaten there, but I've been many times to its sister restaurant, Nick's Chops and Chasers, and we love the food.

            If you're up for a short cab ride, that would include Covington and Newport across the river in Kentucky. In Covington, I'd recommend Dee Felice, a Cajun/Creole restaurant with a killer house band. In Newport, you might enjoy the Hofbrauhaus, a German microbrew. The Newport on the Levee entertainment complex also has a few possibilities, such as Claddagh (an Irish pub also with decent food), Mitchell's Fish Market(I think they serve seafood), Brio Tuscan Grill and Cafe Istanbul (Turkish, lots of kabobs; it's excellent).

            Also, if you plan to go into Covington and Newport, you can catch the South Bank Shuttle, a bus line that shuttles people between there and downtown Cincinnati. It costs a dollar, I think, and it runs about every 20 minutes, and I think you can catch it right at the Netherland.

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              I also have to second Porkopolis in the old Rookwood Pottery. They have the kilns to eat in, but I think they only hold 10-12 ppl., but they do have 4 kilns, I think, if you don't mind being split up. They have other dining areas outside the kilns which may accommodate 40. No view from inside, but great city view from the parking lot Here's a link:

              I also second Dee Felice. They have some side rooms that may hold 40 ppl.. The band starts at 7pm, and the ambience is cool!!