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Oct 8, 2006 11:24 PM

What kind of kitchen knives do you use?

The foodiest person I know insisted that I learn to use Japanese knives for all my chopping purposes. Does the same go for all of you guys? Am I in the minority here with a Henkels set from Macy's? And do you think it really matters?

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  1. I own a Henckels Four Star set and a Global set. In my case, I prefer the feel of Henckels. My wife automatically grabs the Global knives. I think what matters most is that the knives fit your hand and that you learn proper sharpening skills and keep them sharp with a whetstone. If it fits your hand, I think Global (Japanese steel) has better steel so it will hold an edge longer. That's important for a professional chef where time spent sharpening knives is money lost but less important to a hack like me who cooks for small numbers of people.

    1. I have mainly Henkels 4 Star but have Sabatier, lesser Henkels, some Dexter, some Gerber from when they were good and Pete Gerber still owned and ran the company. A few Chicago Cutlery pieces. In 35 years I have bought what I needed at the time. I have never bought a set but weighed the merit of each knife on its own. So, I have a real mixture. Each knife chosen specifically for the job I planned for it to do and how it felt in my hand.

      1. I am an old-timer, mostly Sabatier carbon steel for chef and boning knives and also Wusthof Professional with the old wooden handles. Some Forschner specialty knives. If I were to start my collection now and I could afford them, I would definitely explore Japanese knives. They are beautifully made.

        1. My almost-everything knife is a Global 7-inch vegetable knife. Holds an edge forever, fits well in small and large hands (I have large hands and grip the blade) and is light enough that there are no fatigue issues if chopping a lot. This knife alone has vastly improved my knife skills.

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            Me too! Love how lightweight it is and those little dimples make for a very secure grip! I think it feels like an extension of my hand.

          2. I use Henckel's Professional "S". Have tried the feel of others; don't like them - either too heavy or they don't "fit" right. The Prof. "S" balance the best in my hand.