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Oct 8, 2006 10:56 PM

Italian Restaurant in Pasadena area

I'm looking for a great, romantic italian restaurant in the Pasadena area (or surrounding areas) - if anyone has any recommendations I'd really appreciate it. Also, if the restaurant has a good wine list that is a bonus.

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  1. Trattoria Tre Venezie on Greenstreet.

    1. second, but stay away from the hungarian stuff on the menu and stick with items that are strictly italian.

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      1. re: revets2

        The name(s) of the restaurants didn't come out on your recommendations, all I received was "second, but stay away from the hungarian stuff on the menu...."
        Could you list the names again for me?

        1. re: njordan

          He's seconding the recommendation of the first poster, i.e. Tre Venezie.

        2. re: revets2

          The ``Hungarian'' stuff on the menu is from the chef's home
          province of Friuli, and is thus the most Italian food in the place!
          There is far more to Italian cooking than Tuscany's greatest hits.

        3. there's La Fornaretta, the owner's going to close it soon because scientologists bought him out for 2 mil!! just thought you'd like too know. they have great pizza, and really good tiramisu.

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            1. re: caitybirdie

              Is it still going to be a restaurant? Is the owner going to reopen somewhere else?

            2. oh, btw, its in old town, i think its on fair oaks or raymond, just south of colorado.

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                I tried to go tonight but it's gone, closed on 10/8. Talked to the owner,he says he's going to reopen when he finds a new location.

              2. Trattoria Tre Venezie for sure, it's both really great and very romantic (choose the room fronting Green street). I don't really recall the wine list very well, but think the selections were well chosen to pair with their dishes. Be sure to check out the list of "conversation drinks" and the bit of history about it.