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Does Kansas City have any good Italian dives?

We love Italian, but tired of the chains, are there any good hole in walls Italian places, that we can get a good plate of spaghetti and nice bottle of wine.

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  1. Our favorite Italian "plate of pasta and bottle of wine place" is Anthony's on Grand between 7th and 8th. A nice house salad is offered and lots of different pastas to choose from. There are good non pasta entrees as well. Get the stuffed artichokes to start.

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      A second vote for Anthony's as a good Italian dive. And another vote for that massive stuffed artichoke, too.

      Just to enhance the dive factor, most evenings there's a crooner roaming around from table to table.

    2. Acurso's at 51st & Main certainly qualifies. The bar area is the best. Dim lighting, sports on TV, Sinatra on the sound system and well-prepared Italian comfort food. Nothing better on a chilly, wet evening.

      1. Not sure I'd call it a dive, but Carmen's in Brookside is very good.

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          Carmen's has my vote as well. They have the best alfredo I have ever eaten.

        2. Cupini's, the options are great and prices are cheap. It is on Westport Road, headed west. http://www.cupinis.com/

          Part deli, part grocery store.

          1. Ah, also Bella Napoli opened a pasta and pizza place in what used to be Breadsmith in Brookside. Check that out for authentic pizza.

            1. I love Cupini's, too, but no liquor license. You can always get take-out and bring it home to a bottle of wine.

              1. I didn't mention Cupini's nor Bella Napoli earlier only because the don't have wine -- but I do love both those places and they sure make take-home convenient.

                One more that I've been going to some recently and enjoying: Sutera's on Rainbow (around 50th Street or so, west side of Rainbow).

                They did extensive renovations of that spot (a sandwich shop for many, many years) and it really looks nice now. More than decent food, pleasant and efficient service. Wine list.

                1. Can you BYOB to Cupini's and Bella Napoli?

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                    I think that to BYOB, a venue still needs a license of some sort and I'd imagine that neither of those places has that license.

                    To be honest, though I really like both of those places, neither one, in my opinion, lends itself to sitting and enjoying wine with the meal. I mean, they're really more like in-and-out kind of places with lots of orders made up to-go rather than the kind of place where you'd linger with wine. Know what I mean?

                    But you could always call Cupini's and Bella Napoli and check.

                    By the way, one place that I don't think was mentioned above but that might suit your needs is Osteria Il Centro at 51st and Main. I happen to love anything they make with gorganzola! But I've not been disappointed with anything else I've had there either. Good wine list and reasonable prices, too. I like the coziness of the space, especially in the cool weather months.

                    Probaby too upscale to be considered a dive, but, gosh, Jasper's (103rd & State Line) is mighty fine. Good wine. Their St. Peter's fish is wonderful (talapia lemonada with capers).

                    And Macaluso's on 39th at Terrace is a clubby joint that has a loyal following. Seems folks either love the place or avoid it but owner Tommy Macaluso doesn't care. He spoils his regulars.

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                      Dive Italian with wine is pretty specific, but a good challenge . . .the original Garrozzo's location downtown is always what I think of first.

                      I also think Carmen's in Brookside qualifies and so does Macaluso's on 39th, but they would be on the higher end of the dive spectrum in KC.

                      I always drive by and have wondered about: The Villa Capri on 81st and Metcalf, V's Italiano Ristorante in Independence, the Copa Room on Broadway and Pane e Vino on Summit near Crown Center? Does anyone know if these places are any good and would qualify?

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                        I thought the Villa Capri was pretty awful: iceberg lettuce with Hidden Valley Ranch and *a* tomato, Prego sauce with spaghetti and pre-formed meatballs, and alfredo paste! It definitely has the dive vibe going on though!

                        I've heard V's is good, but from sources I don't necessarily trust!

                  2. i know the copa room is sicilian food and i've heard very good. i would second cupini's and il centro, although the former does not have wine. i've also heard great things about anthony's and accurso's, but think garozzo's may be a little over hyped. it's not bad by any means, but i would try the other places first.

                    1. I'll add Felitza's in KCK to the list. It's in the old Strawberry Hill neighborhood. We particularly like the shrimp with arribiata sauce. They do have a wine list, but I'm not very familiar with that aspect of it. The Pitch did a review of it within the last year, so that might give you more details than I can.

                      1. We just got home from dinner at Anthony's, since first posting last month we have tried Carmen's , Copa's and Anthony's, we had very good meals at all three. But it's the stuffed artichokes that made Anthony's our regular Friday pasta joint.

                        1. I've never had a bad meal at Accurso's Main Street at 51st and Main (roughly). A serious home-cooking, red sauce kind of place, with an appropriate wine selection.