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Oct 8, 2006 10:20 PM

Thanksgiving in San Luis Obispo/Pismo Area

We will be meeting other families members and staying at Sycamore Mineral Springs in Avila Beach for Thanksgiving. There will be 12-16 people in our group. I need to make dinner reservations. Are there any places you would recommend?

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  1. Why not right there? I've never been there, but friends tell me it's lovely and the food is great.Also there's a new place in Pismo, a condo/hotel type on the ocean. Name escapes me now, but its located on Shell Beach between the Cliffs and the Spyglass Inn.

    1. New place in Shell Beach (not Pismo) is The Lido at a swanky condo resort, Dolphin Bay. The menu is supposed to have small dishes so you can taste many items.

      Evan Treadwell is exec chef.

      Gardens at Avila is good, Treadwell had been hired by King Ventures, the newish owner, for a stint to move it more toward spa cuisine. Don't know the result. Rec that you move now as many local favorites are booking up. Do you want traditional turkey with all the trimmings?

      If not, The New Times weekly paper puts out a periodical called 'Menus'--if you can get a copy, it will guide you a bit to narrow your search. Here is a guide as well:

      1. Stretch the distance a bit and try Matthew's at the Paso Robles airport - small but very intringuing restaurant - they would probably do a great Thanksgiving dinner, if they are open that day. You would need to reserve early I am sure if they are. Not all that many tables, but they could handle 12 and it would feel small and homey.

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          good point--nothing so contradictory about Thanksgiving meal out as the almost cafeteria style feel to it. Mass produced food usually overseasoned and lacking in delicacy. A small room might really be the thing. And a drive of 40 minutes on the central coast is no chore, the scenrery is so beautiful. Traffic that day will be nill. I'd check it out!