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S & S Diner-Miami Old Scool

Miami Danny Oct 8, 2006 09:22 PM

S and S Diner is a throwback-sitting across from a cemetary, on a seedy stretch of NE 2nd Ave, you step back in time for a real diner lunch. While construction cranes hover everywhere like enormous birds of prey, this corner landmark goes about its business with a staff and kitchen that seems to have been frozen in time, although which time is long forgotten. Soon it too will succumb, as a developer has bought the property-plans for the new development include S&S, but we shall see. Plenty of free parking in the back, and as you walk past the open door to the kitchen, the aroma that seeps out the screen door is a familiar one-gravy. Once inside, the horseshoe counter, with about 15 seats, surrounds an afternoon telanovela, starring 'Tina Turner' and 'Shakira', two waitresses that make their running commentaries an alternative entertainment to the TV. The crowd is decidedly mixed-in every way. Rich, poor, suits, artists, young, old, black, white, etc, etc. But the food is the same every day: comforting. You like meatloaf, they got meatloaf-I don't ordinarily order meatloaf, but it looked so good and I needed something to pour that gravy over. The liver and onions were fresh-creamy and well-textured, not cooked to death. Also, the salad is fresh and crunchy, dressed with S&S's homemade salad dressing, which is made with BEEF STOCK-YEAH!
However, the king of the menu is the 'shank'-done perfectly, served in its stewed cooking juices over nicely done yellow rice, plus two sides-two nites later I had an upscale version of this which was 'Osso Bucco' over saffron risotto with a big slab of butter and parm on top-very delicious, but certainly not any more deeply satisfying than S&S's version. Diner prices help-that shank was like $6.99, icluding mashed potatoes and a salad. Throw in some strong black coffee served in a thick ceramic mug, and you are ready to go back out and move some earth. You will be eating a late dinner tonight!
Open 'til 6PM-NE 2nd Ave at 20th St

  1. netmover Oct 9, 2006 06:39 PM

    I got to say...I have felt the love for S&S in a big way over the years. In fact, I used to eat there 3 or 4 times a week back when Charlie owned it. I actually thought about buying it from old Charlie, but said to myself, "self do I want to work as hard as Charlie does?". NO WAY was my answer! Charlie used to get there at 4am and leave after 8pm. To me that was NO life to lead. Well, obviously the new owners don't work anywhere as hard as Charlie ever did and I am afraid to say it kind of shows....or should I say tastes/smells?

    We went there just the other day, of course all the old waitresses I grew to love have all gone by now. When we sat down the place literally smelled like a dirty dish rag...there's something about that smell that really turns me off. So we left. As we were (prior to ordering which we never did due to that nasty smell)leaving those perfectly done overeasy eggs with grits stared back at me causing an instant craving which has yet to be fulfilled. We left and walked over to the Daily which I must say is a nice addition to that neighborhood.

    I definately miss S&S and wish to go back...on a regular basis, it's just not the same! Am I the only one out there with this feeling, or is the place worthy of another try?

    Their cheeseburger "was" the best by far. In fact, there were so many dishes there that were done so well. To this day, you'd be very hard pressed to find better cuisine americana anywhere in dade county.

    It's nice to hear someone out there who still beleives in the place. I must return...Tuesday's Turkey was always a favorite!

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    1. re: netmover
      Miami Danny Oct 15, 2006 12:48 AM

      Love the turkey! I hear the Daily's great, (haven't eaten there yet) but I really like Shoppee Seconds, one block north of S&S. Nice healthy lunches, like tuna salad with mango, and some great smoothies/shakes. And you can buy some second-hand furniture after you've eaten! (What's with Miami and the dual-purpose thing?)

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