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Roasted Vegetables


I love various combos of roasted vegies.

Lately, I've had roasted yellow squash with eggplant and a marjoram/olive oil seasoning. I also love roasted cauliflower and broccoli with chilli pepper flakes, olive oil, and salt. Oh yeah, and shredded brussel sprouts.

Anybody else have any interesting vegie combos that they like to roast and what seasonings you use?



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  1. Butternut squash with sage,

    Fennel with orannge and dill,

    Balsamic Portaballo mushrooms with garlic, rosemary & thyme.

    That's a good start.


    1. Asparagus with either sesame oil or balsamic vinagar

      Cherry tomatoes with chives

      Corn (on the cob or sliced off in chunks) with basil or cilantro

      Carrots with cumin and smoked paprika

      1. A friend told me to thin apricot jelly out with water and then use that to coat the vegs to roast them. I haven't it tried it yet but thought it sounded great.

        1. Asparagus... this is pretty much the only way I eat asparagus now!

          Green Beans

          Mixture of cubed sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc., etc.

          Most times with roasted veggies, I don't even feel the need to season them with anything except salt and pepper, which says a lot, because I used to not like many vegetables at all!

          1. One night at Volo Restaurant in Chicago, I had a fabulous roasted vegetable dish made with new potatoes, radishes, carrots, rutabaga, etc, with smoked bacon and a good amount of butter.

            Roasted cauliflower is excellent, as are roasted Brussels sprouts.

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              I love roasted cauliflower and roasted brussel sprouts. I was surprised at how good roasted cauliflower is. I also like fresh corn off the cob roasted. Swiss chard is also good but that migth be considered baked rather than roasted.

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                Bacon makes everything taste better, even vegetables. But what do vegetarians use to cook their vegetables with . . . instead of bacon that is, and get the same taste?


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                  Bacon is something I've learned to live without... Moosewood Lowfat Vegetarian Cookbook has recipes for different Roasted Veggie Combos, too!

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                    My dad makes his own chipotles. I use those in anything that wants a smokey flavor. (They're dried and smoked, not in sauce.) They give a perfect smokey taste and are much healthier. I've even got my bacon-loving folks adding chipotles to pots of beans, instead of ham.

                2. Concur with the poster above that roasted cauliflower is excellent, especially with a little olive oil and cumin seed.

                  I also love roasted root vegetables (carrots, sweet and white potatoes, parsnips, etc.) with olive oil, rosemary, and bulbs of garlic scattered about in the last 15 minutes or so of cooking.

                  1. My favorite combination is red onion cut in wedges, baby carrots, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Just toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast. Mmmm...

                    1. Where to begin? I am completely taken with roasted veggies; I like so many more veggies because of roasting. Last few rounds of roasting (typically with kosher salt and olive oil):

                      Quartered new potatoes, fennel w/Rosemary
                      Baby carrots with parsely and golden raisins
                      Love the carrot & parsnip combo
                      Beets with thyme (add goat cheese to toss and serve)
                      Brussel Sprouts
                      Cherry Tomatoes

                      1. Before the frost: lightly roasted tomatoes w/ garlic & olive oil. Mix in torn basil and some feta and put atop crostini.

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                          I've been making something very similar to this with the last of my garden's tomatoes, but serving it on pasta.

                        2. I've done many of the combinations already mentioned but I like to add sliced fennel. It caramelizes beautifully and adds a subtle anise flavor.

                          I just made a mixed roast root vegetable side for a dinner on Sunday. I like to blend sweet with savory so I had Yukon golds, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots and fennel.

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                            The problem I've had with fennel is that it never seems to cook properly. I posted on here about it once and some of the following reasons given were: male v. female bulbs, blanching (or not), slicing it REALLY thin. Anything to add cheryl_h?


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                              I think some bulbs are tough and bitter, others are tender and sweetly flavored. I don't have a way to identify the good ones but when I get them home and trim them, I eat a raw piece or two. If they're tough and/or bitter it usually means they're more dried out or older. I'll slice these more thinly and cook them lightly. I haven't tried blanching yet. I guess if they're really unpleasantly bitter, I'd leave them out and find another use for them.

                              If the bulbs are sweet and juicy, they need to be cooked longer to get to the nicely caramelized stage. In a mixed dish the fennel tastes less time than potatoes or other root veggies but I still count on at least 20 minutes or so of roasting. When they're done cooking they are just fabulous - lightly crisped, sweet and anisey. People are always asking what that really good piece of vegetable is.

                          2. pre-cooked pasta with peppers, green, red, yellow tossed with sundried tomatoes and roasted in a pan,,,yum!

                            1. t'other night I roasted carrots (cut approx. french fry size/shape)and red onions tossed with olive oil, salt, cumin & chipoltle powder. they were really good.

                              i also use a veg. roasting method where you just use olive oil, S&P and then, 10 or so minutes before the vegs are done you toss with fresh lemon juice and chopped garlic then finish cooking. keeps the flavors really fresh.

                              with beets, I peel 'em before roasting, roast diced with o.oil S&P, then just as they come out of the oven, toss with red wine vinegar. lovely