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Oct 8, 2006 08:54 PM

Please help! Planning Rehersal Dinner

Looking for a restaurant with a private or semi-private space to accomodate about 25-30 guests, price not an issue, as long as the food is good and atmosphere welcoming (ie, not stuffy). Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions!

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  1. Aquavit has a great private room, and I like what I had their better than the main room

    1. Keens has great private rooms: old-school prime rib, oysters, lamb chops, single malt scotches...old-NY vibe but not stuffy...

      1. Park Avenue Cafe has a townhouse room, Danube has a private room. Also, 11 Madison, Gramercy Tavern. Can you be more specific?

        1. I had a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Savoy in Soho a couple of years ago. They have an upstairs room that accomodates just exactly the number of people you are talking about, and the food was great, also a warm atmosphere.

          1. Va Tutto

            had a post wedding dinner there recently it was very nice, only 16 people but they should have the room