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Please help! Planning Rehersal Dinner

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Looking for a restaurant with a private or semi-private space to accomodate about 25-30 guests, price not an issue, as long as the food is good and atmosphere welcoming (ie, not stuffy). Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions!

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  1. Aquavit has a great private room, and I like what I had their better than the main room

    1. Keens has great private rooms: old-school prime rib, oysters, lamb chops, single malt scotches...old-NY vibe but not stuffy...

      1. Park Avenue Cafe has a townhouse room, Danube has a private room. Also, 11 Madison, Gramercy Tavern. Can you be more specific?

        1. I had a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Savoy in Soho a couple of years ago. They have an upstairs room that accomodates just exactly the number of people you are talking about, and the food was great, also a warm atmosphere.

          1. Va Tutto

            had a post wedding dinner there recently it was very nice, only 16 people but they should have the room

            1. Thanks so much for these. I'm currently following up on your suggestions!

              1. the wine cellar rooms at aroma wine bar on east 4th (tho that may be too funky for you) or il buco on bond street. that could be a good choice but also like the savoy idea.