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Oct 8, 2006 08:37 PM

Are there really no Belgian restaurants in Los Angeles?

Say it ain't so.

I'm in West LA, but anywhere would be fine, and if it had Belgian beers on tap, that would be even better.

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    1. re: cdmedici

      I have to vouch for that's good. My friend lives for Germany, and this place made him cry with glee at their selection. Even their food items are great.

      1. re: brekkie_fan

        What's the Germany connection to Belgian food?

        1. re: writergirl

          i guess i should've said that he's a beer & wine aficionado in general, and when he told me about all the fantastic beer he drank while at World Cup, I thought 'Germany'. He was very pleased with Brussels, and truth be told - I'm horrible with geography...I just know he knows good beer. The bartenders even made a point of coordinating the brands served with their corresponding pint glass. He pointed it out, not me.

    2. I don't know specifically, but this little tidbit explains a bit: Before Belgium became autonomous, it was constantly under the rule of its various neighbors, Germany being one of them. The 'melting pot' of cultures is something that they take pride in.
      I don't know the specifics of the German influence in the food, but Belgium is quite renown for the varieties of beer. (They supply the world with plenty of endive greens; chocolate pralines were also invented there (Neuhaus); and of course, they brought us Belgium waffles.)
      I had a recently had a chance to visit Brussels and had some real delicious strawberry beer and a pot of mussels cooked in white wine.

      1. When Mon Grenier in Encino closed, there was talk that it might reopen in another location. Has anyone heard anything more about that?

        1. Le Pain Quotidien is a Belgian chain with at least 3 outposts in your vicinity. Yes, it's mostly for breakfast and lunch, but it is Belgian.