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Dec 21, 2004 07:57 AM

Lunch/Dinner places near California Ave, Palo Alto?

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Any good lunch or dinner places on or near California Ave, Palo Alto? In the past there were post but can't seem to find them. How are Ramona's Pizza, Izzy's Bagel, Molly Stones, etc?

Thanks in advance.

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    The Scribbler

    Joanie's cafe is a very good breakfast/lunch place, serving some really good breakfast dishes (esp. their omelettes), sandwiches etc., and is now open for dinner a few nights a week. Next door, Cafe Brioche has a similar feel, although I personally think the food isn't as good. Izzy's has good bagels, but I've never done anything more than an early morning bagel/coffee there.

    If you're in the mood for something more upscale, Bistro Elan is quite nice for dinner (they serve lunch as well, but the chef isn't as good). They're well known for their foie gras.

    Mediterranean Wraps has some good simple wraps (hummus, lamb, etc.). Some people like Palo Alto del Sol, personally, I think its over-priced (if you want Mexican, leave Palo Alto and drive to RWC).

    1. So many good spots... I live in the neighborhood.

      high end - Bistro Elan might be the best restaurant on the Peninsula

      quick eats - The Counter (from Santa Monica) is a fantastic burger establishment; Salsa has great and very fresh Mexican food; Mediterranean Wraps is a winner.

      fun - La Bodqueita Del Medio is a great cuban place (mojitos are esp. good). The Counter would also be classified as fun with big screen TVs and a full bar.

      other - Palo Alto del Sol is great. Big margueritas and super sauces on their enchiladas.

      1. Cafe Riace- on Sheridan near Park - outdoor Italian dining - in a courtyard w/ fountains - fun atmosphere family-run -lunch/dinner

        Spalti's - Italian on Calif/nr Ash - also outdoor dining

        Nora's Cafe - end Calif Ave nr Park - French brassiere open B/L/D - has a full bar

        For sushi - think the name is Hana?? on Birch btw. Calif/Cambridge. Good quality sushi, but has quirky service.

        Ramona's Pizza 2 is still there on Birch - haven't been in awhile.

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          Two of us had lunch twice at Spalti's about a month ago. Out of four items, only the mussels (can't remember if they were sauted or what) were edible and they were great. I'd go there only for that.

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            Perhaps Homma's Brown Rice Sushi is the place you're thinking of? Should be some posts on that one. (My last visit was in a previous millennium...)

          2. The original comment has been removed