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Oct 8, 2006 06:06 PM

Mai Village St. Paul Dim Sum

So, anyone tried the dim sum at Mai Village yet? If it is about 75% as good as Bui was, it will probably be our new haunt.
On a semi-related thread: thinking of going back to My Lee Hoa (spelling very bad I am sure), either for dim sum, dinner or both. Any reports? This is the place in Little Canada.

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  1. Haven't tried Mai Village yet so eager to hear from others. My Le Hoa has changed owners and turned into a "buffet restaurant" - yeck - but they've been closed for a couple of weeks so not sure what's going on.

    1. just had Mai Village Dim Sum for the first time today and am happy to report that it is equivalent to Bui. Same food in a nicer environment. Too bad I just tried Jun Bo for the first time last weekend, because it made Mai Village a little paler, but still, for the convenience and quality, Mai is a winner and we will be back.

      1. Is the dim sum at Mai Village advanced or beginner? Or a nice combination? Can't wait to go but Hubby is a squeamish sort (seven years and I still have much work ahead of me!) and is convinced he will have nothing to chose from but tripe and squid. Any report on the mix? Appreciate it!

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          I would say beginner to intermediate, not advanced by any means. We went with 2 beginners and they were thrilled. By the way, 6 adults and 2 toddlers: $60 including tip.

        2. Noticed that My Le Hoa is closed - the original owners sold the restaurant earlier this summer and the people who took it over either couldn't make a go of it (changed it to a "Seafood Buffet") or something else since there is now a FOR LEASE sign in the window. Shame....

          1. The original comment has been removed