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Best NoVa burgers?

I just ran the Army 10 miler and have a craving for a good burger, not fast food or I'd go to 5 guys. Is Elevation Burger worth the 25 minute drive? Any other suggestions? I haven't had a burger in so long (years) so I want a really good one but have no idea who has one. Thanks!

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  1. You will almost surely be disappointed in Elevation burger. Go to Sign of the Whale in Loehmann's Plaza on Rte 50 in Falls Church. Although there is heavy renovation going on, all stores and restaurants are open.

    Sign Of The Whale Restaurant
    Build a Burger
    7279 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA 22042
    (703) 573-1616

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      Thanks--I go by that way all the time. I'll give it a try!

    2. Not sure where you are, but Jimmy's in Herndon has very good burgers.

      Also, there's a place in Fairlington that has good sliders - thick for small burgers, but I'm forgetting the name.

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        Thanks--I'm a little farther that those places but definitely something I'll keep in mind when I'm out there.

      2. Well you said non-fast food...and my recommendation definitely isn't, but as I remember it...one of the best burgers I have had. The Morton's Prime Sirloin Burger...at Morton's Steakhouse is awesome...they only offer it on the lunch menu. I know this is probably more than what you had in mind...but you can sit at one of the tables at the bar...without making a reservation. It's been a while since I've had one...but it always comes to mind when someone asks what's the best burger I've ever had...and there are numerous locations in the DC/NoVa area.

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          Wow, I'll bet that's one heck of a burger! I'm sure if I went to Morton's, I'd be sidetracked by something else on the menu.:-)

        2. Twice I've had a very good burger at Cafe Deluxe in Tyson's Corner (next to Crate and Barrell).

          1. What about Five Guys?!!? A great burger with your fixings on it! The burgers and homemade fries are worth the price!

            1. I'd second that...Five Guys, hands down

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                It really depends on the location. Numerous threads discussing which 5Gs make consistently good burgers and which ones had no business being franchised.

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                  Hello!!!...maybe try reading the entire post next time...the poster specifically said "not fast food or I'd go to 5 guys"

                  Please read before you reply.

                2. Well, most of the burgers listed here, except for Mortons, are the usual take on the same patty.

                  Take a peek at how others work a burger; www.bunrab.com/yummychow/BurgerGrail/...

                  I have had three on that list, and cant find anybody in this area that comes close, even to In & Out burger; Simple good, fast.

                  Or great bread, add on's, great meat, etc.
                  The Metro area needs burger artist!!!!
                  Roy Roger's used to offer a Double R burger, with ham on top, great but gone. Out west they offer a prastrami burger - burger with pastrami on top - Carl's Jr.

                  Like one commercial spouts, they need to think out side the bun and the area!!!

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                    I really liked those double R bar burgers when I was a kid and had a RR down the street. It really works nicely and one can assume it would be even better with a higher quality burger, ham (RR uses hormel), and cheese. Not sure why so few others have copycatted.

                    Not sure why you're saying they're gone though, Roy Rogers still serves the double R bar burger unless they took it off the menu very recently (within the past month or so), a friend reported having one in Alexandria a short while ago.

                    I know I have seen Roy Rogers in Alexandria and Leesburg, and a bunch in Frederick. There are probably many more around I'm not aware of.

                    1. re: Lowbar

                      Im glad to hear that news, I work in Ashburn VA. But live in DC.
                      The last RR I saw was in Frederick MD.

                      Where in Alexanderia did you see one?
                      That would be worth the trip on the way home......

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                        The one I saw was on Rt 1 very close to ft belvoir.

                        Just checked their website and was surprised to find there are actually several in NoVA.

                        Alexandria - Belleview Blvd. 1506 Belleview Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

                        Alexandria - Woodlawn 8860 Richmond Hwy (Woodlawn), Alexandria, VA 22309

                        Franconia - Manchester Lakes Blvd. 7013-F Manchester Lakes Blvd, Franconia, VA 22310

                        Leesburg - King Street 451 S. King Street, Leesburg, VA 20175

                        Leesburg - Market Street 540 East Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176

                        Manassas Park - Centreville Rd. 8502 Centreville Rd., Manassas Park, VA 22111

                  2. P.J. Skidoo's in Fairfax also has some good burgers...I had their Mayor Rob burger a while back and enjoyed it...although I still like Morton's burger better!

                    1. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I had in my head a burger that had a higher meat/bun ratio which is why I ruled out fast food. I'm trying suggestions out. I haven't been to Roy Rogers, never thought of it but maybe it's worth the stop! I would love to try the Morton's burgers but we don't go out to high end restaurants that often (maybe a handful of times a year) so when we do, I go all out and get something I couldn't get elsewhere. After years of not eating much red meat, I think the craving just hit big time!

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                        Don't get me wrong, Roy Rogers is still very much a fast food burger. I just liked the combo of ham w/ burger and cheese.

                        These are chains (as is Morton's), but the burgers at Red Robin and Champps (multiple nova locations for both) are quite tasty.

                      2. Shooter McGee's in Alexandria (http://www.shootermcgees.com/
                        )IMHO you won't be disappointed. Burger is always cooked perfectly, w/a good meat to bun ratio (and yummy fries if you so choose). Monday evenings, burgers are half off too.