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Another yakitori joint in the South Bay

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There is another yakitori shop in the Bay that just opened. My JP friend went and said it was very good. Higher price point than Sumiya and a more upscale feel, is what he reported.

Anyone been?

「炭家」:「SUMIKA」:236 Central Plaza Los Altos, CA 94022 http://sumikagrill.com/

Interestingly, Sumika can also be read as Sumiya...

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  1. Just tried this new restaurant. It's buried in an alley in Los Altos just off a parking lot between the main streets. May be a good idea to make a reservation (but we did just that morning). It was a little pricey, but felt very authentic and advertised their special charcoal shipped from Japan. The food was very tasty - and unique to this type of Japanese restaurant. The menu has several salads and appetizers and then ~10 different kinds of grilled skewers - we recommend the tare sauce over the salt version. We enjoyed the chicken meatballs, steak, and bacon-wrapped tomatoes the best, as well as the pumpkin soup. The "chicken risotto" (or ochazuke) was overly salty. My only issue with the restaurant is that the service needs a little work - the skewers came in random quantities so it really wasn't clear who ordered what and whether we got everything we ordered and they were out of a few things unfortunately. But they are new and I'm guessing still working out a few kinks.