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Oct 8, 2006 05:26 PM

What do the contents of your freezer say about you?

More so than the contents of your fridge, the various packages and foilwrapped questionables in your freezer say a lot about who you are. Examples: the health freak with frozen homemade brownies -- relegated to the freezer out of guilt. The busy Chowhound with (gasp!) T.V. dinners hidden behind the frozen pomegranate concentrate. The frequent dinner host with stacks and stacks of frozen staples. The minimalist with nothing. Etc. etc.

What's in yours?

(My freezer contains 2 types of sliced frozen bread, edamame, corn kernels, vanilla smirnoff, chili lime chicken strips from Costco, chicken breasts, peeled shrimp, an emergency Lean Cuisine, unsalted butter and several packs of chewing gum (how I stop myself from chain-chewing))

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  1. Usually there's nothing in there but coffee beans, vodka, limoncello, bacon, ice, blue ice, chiller sleeves, and Donvier buckets. Once every couple of months there's ice cream.

    That list could give the wrong impression. The refrigerator's usually packed with fruit, vegetables, a variety of oils and fats, a wide variety of more or less perishable ingredients, and leftovers.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      what's blue ice? (seeing how you distinguish it from "ice")

      1. re: amandine

        Those plastic-covered gel things for picnic coolers.

    2. Frozen spinach, frozen okra, frozen peas, for emergencies; lots and lots of different cuts of meat, pastured beef and some pork; a tub of lemon sorbet; half a loaf of sliced wheat bread; a couple of condensed-juice containers, one of which is open and half full of bacon grease (keeps the smell down);several bags of triple-wrapped I-dunno-what-it-is; and ice.

      1. We have two freezers one for parties and one for family eats.
        Party freezer contains vodka, ice, various premade nibbles (both homemade and bought), frozen pizza dough and about 5 gallons of homemade tomato sauce. Usually only 1/2 full until 3 days before a party.

        Family freezer has chicken, fish, various cuts of beef, plenty of ice, pastas, premade sides (both homemade & bought), ice cream, and veggies. Rarely empty.

        We don't freeze bread; prefer room temp.

        Interesting question!

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        1. re: HillJ

          I don't like to freeze bread either, but in the summer sandwich bread goes moldy so fast -- sometimes as little as 24 hours. For artisanal loaves or home-baked we'll eat it before it stales, or use it that way, but sandwich loaves have to freeze. The toaster brings them back to life OK. In the winter we can leave it out.

          1. re: fnarf

            fnarf, good point. in the warm months we use wraps & lettuce leaves for sandwich making to avoid the moldy bread dilemma.

          2. re: HillJ

            i freeze bread (la brea multigrain loaf, sliced, and sliced bread from TJs) out of necessity (a loaf lasts me a month or more) and eat it only toasted.

            Good stuff gets eaten immediately, anyways!

          3. I have quite a few boxes of different types of veggies burgers which would suggest that I like veggie burgers...except I'm still trying to find the best ones and the boxes are the ones I'm not crazy about.

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            1. re: chowser

              Dr. Praegers are really good... Right now I have boxes of their veggies burgers, spinach patties, broccoli patties, along with Garden Burger veggie burgers as well... the real chunky veggie ones, not the soy burgers.

              We also have vodka, ice cream pops, lotsa ice, frozen edamame and stri fry veggies, and some frozen bagels, just in case. We tend to by fresh but we always have a few quick things on hand just in case... Freezer is never really full... fridge is another story...

              Almost forgot... a big bag of dog bones from the butcher for my puppy, Sammy.

              As the winter comes, I will add home made soups and sauces in portions...

              1. re: Michele4466

                I like Dr. Praegers. It doesn't try to be fake meat but just a veggie burger. They're the ones I keep running out of while the others sit. I haven't seen those Garden Burgers but I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!

                1. re: chowser

                  They're called Veggie Medley, and they're my favorite as well. I also occasionally buy Sunburgers, which are made from nuts and seeds. Very rich and delicious.

              2. re: chowser

                We usually have a few extremely dry, elderly veggie burgers in there too. I don't eat them, but some of our friends do, and when we grill, they always seem to bring one or two more than they eat. After a year unwrapped in the freezer they can be used as building materials.

                1. re: fnarf

                  LOL, the microwave does the job too--rock hard!

              3. It says that since the garage freezer died and has not yet been replaced, it is too full and she has no idea what is in there.