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Oct 8, 2006 05:16 PM

Toro, toro, toro!

So my being a self-admitted sushi wuss came to an end last night when I decided to suck it up and branch out a bit. Among my selections of raw scallop and hamachi collar, I tried the "sliver-of-God-on-a-cushion-of-rice" Toro, the famed fatty tuna and sweet Jeebus I almost fainted. It was worth every penny of the $11 I paid for it (wiping away tear). How, oh how could I have denied myself for so long. I am embarrassed in my new revelation!

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  1. Oh wait, I forgot to say that I ate at Blowfish in the mission. I don't know how this place measures up to the rest of the sushi scene here in SF (especially since it is one of those clubby-sushui spots with Techno music and Anime playing over the bar) but I was fairly impressed.

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      Blowfish is a great place for a "self-admitted sushi wuss" (not that I'd
      ever call anyone that, myself) to come to grips with the notion of raw fish.
      It's not your average neighborhood joint, which tend to be a little less
      trendoid, but it's fine.

      If Blowfish is still making that "sushi pizza", next time get it. It is so, so good!