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Duck Leg Ho Fun @ Hai Ky Mi Gia, SF

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Trying to fight off a virus, I picked-up an order of braised duck leg ho fun noodle soup from Hai Ky Mi Gia in the Tenderloin last week. It was packed neatly with the broth, pickled veggies, and duck with rice noodles, jalapenos and cilantro in separate containers.

The duck seemed a little saltier this time, but was otherwise consistent with my previous post. The rice noodles were very firm and I appreciated that they pulled apart easily from the packed clump once dropped into the hot broth. Rich and deep, the broth spiked with fresh chilis provided a tingling warmth. I liked alternating it with bites of the sweet-tart veggies.

Hai Ky Mi Gia
707 Ellis St.
(Corner of Larkin)
San Francisco

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  1. I frequent this place on and off, sometimes a few times a month. They make a pretty good seafood noodle (wide yellow noodles) with soup on the side. I put a dollip of their chilli sauce (no tomoatoes or vinegar) on it, and mix in a bit of soup. The noodles are quite tasty once everything is blended. No rice or fried dishes. Only thing they served here are soup noodles (about 15 in all), plus drinks. Their Vietnamese coffee is disgusting, usually over the top sweet and extremely bitter. But when it's saturday/sunday morning/brunch/lunch time and you need your fix, what could you do?

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      u know what drink is quite awesome, soy bean milk, hot
      trust me :-)