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Oct 8, 2006 04:51 PM

How much will Triumphal Palace cost me?

Hi fellow hounders,

My birthday's coming up and I wanted to bring some friends to SGV and have dimsum. We've all had the off-the-cart service before, so I was thinking of trying something new and going to Triumphal Palace for its nouveau dimsum.

Any idea on average how much it'll cost me for 6 people?

And I know it's hard to compare the two, but how about Ocean Star as an alternative? I did a search on the boards and read lots of good stuff on it.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. The dim sum dishes range in price from 2 to maybe 10 dollars. My SO and I went a couple weeks back and had 7 items and spent 30 bucks on food. Don't know if that helps.

    1. it really depends on how your order. if you order the really basic stuff, it's not hard to get out of there for under $15 per person. start to get into the shark's fin this and the crab that and you're obviously working your way up the food chain.

      order wisely and you can come in at $12pp.

      1. It really does depend on how you order, but if you don't go for any of the really big ticket items (i.e. shark fin soup), you'll probably be able to get out of there for $15/pp.

        Everytime I go there with friends, we eat until I can no longer bare to look at another piece of har gow and that's about how much it costs us. Hope this helps.

        1. Nothing to add to what others have already said about $/person.

          As to Ocean Star vis-a-vis Triumphal Palace ... the former is cart-style and the latter is off-the-menu.

          Also, TP tends to be more nouveau-HK style dim sum whereas OS is more traditional Cantonese. Both are good, just different in the execution and style.

          1. Thanks for all the advice. My friends have all had the traditional dimsum experience before, so I think I'll introduce them to the nouveau-HK dimsum. Triumphal Palace it is. Thanks everyone!