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Oct 8, 2006 04:40 PM

best charcuterie

hey all, any opinions on great charcuterie (for two or more) in various restaurants? had some delightful ones in the past and wondering if anyone has recs, anywhere in manhattan? also, a place with a nice corresponding cheese plate would be nice as well. I'm looking for variety of flavor and texture, plus nice garnishes and extras. good pate, good ham, good salumi, etc. thanks all!

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  1. cured pork...well, i'd have to say that my experiences at LUPA were wonderful. ive also tried a few of the salumi over at OTTO and was impressed. i know both of these are Batali places, coincidence only, i am not a diehard 'fan' or anything. they both happen to have good products. all cured inhouse etc etc. unfortunately thats all i really know. in the smaller butcher shops even around me in oldskool brooklyn it seems that more than not its just imported things from Italy, etc. thats OK, but not the same as experiencing what the NYC climate,, environment, etc can do to the meat, yknow.

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      yep, definitely interesting in trying the lupa, esp. with batali I'm sure it will be all headcheese and strange things.

    2. Gascogne, the charming French bistro in Chelsea, sometimes offers a charcuterie platter as a first course special. I've had it and, if I recall correctly, it's an assortment of D'Artagnan products. Delicious!

      1. The charcuterie platter at Le Gigot on Cornelia Street makes a very nice appetizer for two to share - a variety of pates, rillettes, and sausage served with caperberries, cornichons, etc.

        1. don't laugh, but.....
          Les Sans Culottes

          only had it once, but it was the traditional charcuterie....all veggies and meats were served whole and served family style with a knife.

          1. Les Halles restaurants also sell charcuterie and pate.