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I bought a bottle of Egervin Bulls Blood (Hungarian) red wine today that I'd read about at the epicurious website (recommended for a fall wine...whatever, I love red wine and don't think I've ever tried a Hungarian wine before) and it was on sale for $6.99 but noticed a special the store has going on Las Rochas Garnacha, a Spanish red wine. Has anyone tried it? Is garnacha very similar to tempranillos or riojas? Thank you.

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  1. That Las Rochas is lovely. We had it for the first time last fall. It is on our shopping list now. HAve to try some others too.

    1. Candy, thanks...but how would you describe it?

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        Winemark's description is good. I'm not ggod at "wine words".

      2. I love that wine. Fairly soft yet a bit chunky, good depth of fruit and a touch of spice on the finish. Great value

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            Garnacha = Grenache = Cannanau di Sardegna.

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              Cannonau. They make some nice wines from it in Sardinia. Argiolas Costera is a standout at the lower end of the price range.

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                Where have you seen it at retail in the Bay Area?

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                  I'm not sure I have. It's on numerous restaurant wine lists.

          2. I really enjoy Las Rocas along with several other Garnachas from the area. My latest find is Granacha del Fuego - Old Vines 2005. From the Calatayud area in Spain.
            Very deep in color with a big, intense nose. Full of fruit and with nice spice on the finish.
            An incredible $5.99.

            1. My favorite is Vina Alarba Old Vines Grenache 2002, also from the Calatayud region of Spain. Tons of fruit. It was on sale at Cost Plus awhile back for $4.99. K&L Wines has a selection of Calatayud garnachas, most of then under $10.

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                Vina Alarba was my favorite then Borsao Tres Picos which is from Campo de Borja. It is a little more money, though. $9.99! There are many wonderful values from Spain. I've taken them up in place of Rhone wines.

              2. san alejandro, who bottles las rocas, also makes a line called "baltasar" from syrah and tempranillo. similarly value-priced, totally delicious. a little spicier than the las rocas garnachas, given the varietal.

                1. As already mentioned, Garnacha is Spanish Grenache. It is not like tempranillo, which tends toward more berryish fruit, and it also is not like most Rioja which tends to be both more lavishly oaked and older by the time of release. It can range from clean and medium bodied strawberry/cherry/raspberry flavors (this is how I would describe the Los Rocas) to more extracted and nuanced versions that bring some white pepper funk and spiciness to the cherry and raspberry party (e.g. Tres Picos from Bodega Borsao). They are almost all excellent values and can stand in for most Cotes du Rhone as excellent and versatile table wines.

                  1. Wow...bought Las Rocas tonight and this wine is a little sweet to me! I just tried it...(alcohol content: 14.5%!!!!) hic! I'm glad I tried it but I like the tempranillos and riojas better...thank you all for the input! DonnyMac...you may be right with all those fruity flavors...I'm not so good at identifying them as you have. Wine is truly a great product to be explored and sampled! Drink on, "my brotha's" drink on!