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Oct 8, 2006 04:23 PM

Replacement for Jia's (State and Delaware in Chicago)?

Alas, Jia's at State and Delaware has closed as of Sept 30. Was our favorite for Chinese delivery for years. They are directing customers to a "sister" restaurant called Shine Morida. We'll try it this week and report back.

Meanwhile, does anyone have suggestions for a good Chinese restaurant near State and Delaware that has delivery service?

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  1. The bad news is that I haven't been able to find a decent replacement for Jia's. It was our favorite and most reliable neighborhood Chinese restaurant. The good news is that they are supposedly opening in the bottom of the Four Points Sheridan Hotel on Rush Street and delivery will still be available. If you find another good delivery option in the area, please pass it along! I miss the crab rangoon already...

    1. ELC515 - thanks for the info on Jia's re-opening. We heard spring of 2007.

      We tried delivery from Shine Morida, Jia's sister restaurant. It was OK, but not as good as Jia. The menu is almost identical, but the food was not as flavorful. Garlic chicken equalled Jia's. Fried rice was a bit greasy, BBQ pork was salty. Also the food was a bit cold (a function of the delivery distance, no doubt).

      Still, we probably will try it again unless someone can suggest another alternative.

      1. If you can arrange for carryout at Shine Morida, that just might better your dining experience? I lived across the street from them for years, and always had great experiences with carryout. The general tso's chicken, the harvest stirfry, crab rangoon, the sushi...they're all fantastic!

        If you find that Shine doesn't meet your delivery expectations, check with Dee's on Armitage to see if they deliver to your location. I absolutely love their twice cooked pork with string beans!

        I have always found that no matter what type of restaurant, the food is always hotter/more fresh when you opt for carryout. And yes, I know that it defeats the purpose of delivery...but just a thought!


        1. I, too, was bummed out when Jia's finally shuttered. However, I have found two places that deliver to our neighborhood which I think are fairly decent. I'm at Delaware and Dearborn so you should be fine as well. Try Nan's on 2360 N. Lincoln Ave(773) 935-5900 or Tamarind on 614 South Wabash (312) 379-0970. If you are looking for sushi delivery, I recommend Butterfly 1156 W Grand Ave 312-563-5555.

          Happy eating.