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Oct 8, 2006 04:19 PM

Amadeus Viennese Restaurant

Finally got over to Amadeus' (111 Richmond St. W) yesterday. They had a full-on oompah band playing in celebration of Oktoberfest. I wasn't surprised that it was fairly empty though, given that a chunk of people must have gone out of town for the long weekend.

First off, let me say that we were a bit confused as to the differences between the "fine dining hall" and the restaurant proper. We just walked into the first door we came to (coming from Osgoode station), and asked for a table. Afterward the server explained that the fine dining hall was accessible at a separate entrance (the eastern-most door), and that it boasts a more expensive menu--Can anyone confirm that?

The decor is a mash of old and new. The ornate bar, chandeliers, and decked-out server costumes contrast strongly with halogen track-lighting and the sharp finish of the walls. Up a short flight of stairs there are a series of benches and long tables similar to those of a festhallen. I never got a glimpse of the dining room, but I do intend on going there next time to see how much nicer it is.

On to the food:

I started with glass of Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell. The Edelhell is a particularly flat lager with a sweet taste. It was pricey at $7.40 (400 mL); I should have got the Paulaner instead.

My friend ordered the meat and cheese platter ($10) with a side of spaetzle egg noodle dumplings ($3). I ordered a plate of 2 sausage twirls, sauerkraut, potato wedges, and sweet mustard ($12).

Just a brief aside about the menu: they had roughly 10 appetizers mostly under $10, roughly 6 sausage plates ranging from $7-12, and 8-10 entrees all between $15-22. I was very tempted to order an entree, except that I was not that hungry at the time. Everything on the menu looks extremely tasty. Of course, this isn't the joint you want to bring your vegetarian friends to visit.

Back to the food we ordered:

The sausage twirls were soft and juicy--with a dab of mustard it was a delight to eat. The sauerkraut was amazing. Just the right amount of sour to go with the meat. I could have eaten a whole bowl of it. I was a bit reluctant to embrace the potato wedges, but they won me over with their fluffiness and seasoning.

The meat and cheese platter was heavy on meat, light on cheese. I believe there were only two types of cheese: a medium white cheese and a soft, orange cheese spread. The meats were all full of flavour. The platter also comes with about 6 slices of bread, butter, pickles, thinly-sliced onions, and some tomato slices. The spaetzle was lightly seasoned, and in my opinion was a perfect compliment to our meals.

We were't sure if dessert would be in our future, but upon brief reflection we opted to 'see' the dessert/coffee menu. I'm glad we did so, because as it turns out, Amadeus has a great selection of desserts. We decided to split the Black Forest sour-cherry cake.

If at any point we were unsure if this place was a hit, the black forest cake decided the issue for us immediately. It's not often that a dessert can really give me a kick in the pants, but this cake was absolutely perfect. Between the whipped cream, chocolate mousse, dark chocolate flakes, and sour-cherries, it was very hard to stop eating.

In the end, we spent $50 dollars including tax and tip for 2, this included the $7.40 beer.

We only sampled a bit of their menu. Suffice to say, we are excited to go back soon! If you were on the fence about visiting this relatively new restaurant, remember to order the dessert.

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  1. We tried it last week. We loved it. Unfortunately we live in Oakville, otherwise we'd go more often!!

    We were in the beer hall or pub area = same as the person above. There was a bavarian band (two players) that played off and on during the time we were there. Don't know if its just during Octoberfest or all the time that they'll have the entertainment. They were pretty good.

    I Started with a green salad with "house" dressing - it was good. Hubby had the herring - he liked it.

    Then, hubby had a variety pork plate (sorry can't recall the name) - roast pork, another pork, different sausages. Came with sauerkraut which was very nice. Kids (small kids) split the meat & cheese appetizer described above (the "orange cheese spread" described above is a paprika/cream cheese spread - delicious). (they didn't offer a kids menu at all, so if you are expecting one I don't think that they have one)
    I have the schnizel plate ($20). It was a good sized, nicely cooked schnizel. (I'm hungarian so I've grown up with this stuff). Came with a cold potato salad, rather mustardy but tasty. We ordered sides of spaetzle and red cabbage (was part of a special so they had some that night) to share. There was plenty of food, and we are big eaters. Everything was delicious and fresh. No complaints on the food!!

    We had coffee and dessert - the strawberry napoleon had three flaky pastry wafers with custard, whipped cream and strawberries nicely plated. The Sacher torte was very nice. Very chocolatey. Coffee was good, but small cups!!
    Other items on the menu included Opera torte, Linzer torte, and others I can't recall -- waitress said they have an onsite pastry chef who makes everything there.

    There is apparently also a "coffee shop" section where the pastries are available, and a "fine dining" restaurant -- linens, china and nice atmosphere. Menu for that is more "viennesse" as described by the staff. More expensive and more varied menu (I glanced at it last week but can't recall any details - sorry).

    They are supposed to have a website but it is not up and running yet.

    Only problem we found was the wait staff was lacking in service. She never told us about the special(s) except that when we asked if they have any red cabbage she said - "yes tonite with the special". Maybe the special was only for the dining room, she never explained (we didn't ask). But she got us a side of red cabbage so that was good. She asked how the food was then disappeared quickly. Not once did she ask if we wanted another drink - Hubby had a beer and I had a pop, and we were never offered another. Kinda surprizing. Same with the coffee - she never offered another or a refil. Hopefully that was a fluke and improves the next time we go.

    Overall, we'll be back.

    1. I've had a couple of meals there, once or two by myself, and once family. Found service to be good, however I must say i found some of the meals to be a tad on the bland side, and this is from someone who was raised in a German (Canadian) family. We didn't eat this rich all the time, we'd be dead by now, but we did have all the standards and I recall them having a much more savory flavor.

      The meat and cheese plate was excellent, but again found the sausages etc to be beyond bland without heavy mustard etc., Not sure why, as it was cooked perfectly, and care was obviously taken to make it.

      Overall just barely worth it, given the price to satisfaction, but not bad. Hopefully they have improved a bit on the flavor end by now. :)

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        Not much improvement of late — Amadeus closed about six months ago.