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Oct 8, 2006 03:40 PM

Chinese Food Rec Woodside

Hello Hounders

I did a search for good Chinese restaurants in Woodside, but there were no current recommendations. Any thoughts/recs?

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  1. As in an American style take-out? The best is New Panda on Roosevelt ave next to the Champions supermarket.
    There is a Peruvian-chinese BBQ chicken place a block down, and then there is a pretty good Korean-Chinese Chu Ying on Woodside ave.
    Otherwise, I don't bother with Chinese in Woodside - Flushing is a short subway ride away, and Elmhurst you can even walk to.

    1. I agree with everything welle said. In addition to what he/she mentions, there is a Chinese store with a fishmarket and a not-so-good Chinese bakery on Roosevelt across from Donovan's. But there really aren't any good Chinese restaurants in Woodside.

      In fact, when I want Chinese style food I often order some of the more Chinese style stuff off of Sripraphai's huge menu. It's not the best thing they do, but with the large Chinese population in Thailand it is authentic to Thai cuisine and the care in preparation and quality of the ingredients are usually better than in the Chinese carryouts (and the price isn't a lot higher).

      If you're going to Elmhurst, one suggestion a bit closer to Woodside is Rasa Sayang Malaysian restaurant on Broadway a block or two past the Jackson Heights subway stop. Like a lot of S.E. Asian restaurants, it's run by ethnic Chinese from Malaysia and they have a lot of stuff on the menu that's very Chinese-y, as well as some pretty good Malaysian food. Also, right across the street from that subway station on Broadway is a large Chinese supermarket.

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        Second Srip and Rasa Sayang suggestions. At Rasa Sayang, try their Hainan Chicken - ultimate chinese comfort food, they make it very well.

        1. re: welle

          I went past Rasa Sayang on Friday afternoon and it was closed. It was hard to see in the window but they were definitely renovating.
          Does anyone know if it will re-open as Rasa Sayang or if it has new owners and will be something else?

      2. My wife and I love Chu Ying located on Woodside Avenue at the corner of 68th Street. This place is truly a hidden gem for Chinese food - one of the best in NYC we believe. I posted a review of this place on Chowhound at

        1. I live in Sunnyside and have ordered from all the Chinese takeouts from Sunnyside and Woodside. They're all AWFUL! Head to Elmhurst or Flushing.