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My brother in law, the mad organic farmer, dropped off a giant veg box yesterday; a wealth of eggplant and peppers and onions and carrots and squash (4 different kinds!). Also a huge bag of chestnuts. Aside from cueing up the Nat King Cole, I have no idea what to do with chestnuts. Any ideas?

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  1. Oh, you lucky duck. Cut a small slit in each chestnut and roast in the oven at 425o until soft. Peel and eat in front of TV, or serve as an appetizer with drinks - excellent with a glass of sherry.

    1. Chesnut Ice Creme. I've seen a recipe for this somewhere. Maybe in the William and Sonoma book. It's on my list of ice cremes to try. :)

      1. Brussels sprouts with maple butter and roasted chestnuts.
        Chestnut soup.
        Make a paste out of the chestnuts for chestnut buns or bread.

        I'm so insanely jealous.

        1. Chestnut and porcini sauce:

          Saute chopped shallots in oil and butter, stir in reconstituted porcinis with the soaking liquid, roasted and peeled chopped chestnuts, white wine, heavy cream, fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Reduce until thick enough to coat pasta. I don't really have any measurements, but probably use an ounce of porcinis for four servings.

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            Ay carumba! I'm gonna have to make this

          2. yummy! chestnut meat makes a delish filling inside butter cookies.

            1. For a savory dish, we usually make chestnut chicken. It's a chicken stew with chestnuts in it. We make it really simple at home with just boned-in chicken pieces and chestnut in a brown sauce (chicken stock, soy sauce and water).

              1. Sweet potatoes with chestnuts and cream. Roast potatoes and chestnuts. Puree chestnuts with cream. Puree potatoes a little, add the chestnut/cream mixture, puree till smooth, salt, pepper. Put into buttered baking dish, top with a few leaves of sage, and bake until heated through. This is a very light and delicious sweet potatoes dish, great for the holidays.

                1. I am SO jealous. I have been eagerly awaiting chestnuts and cranberries. I love brussel sprouts and chestnuts (CI recipe).

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                    Any chance you can post the CI brussel sprouts & chestnuts recipe? Would love to try it.

                  2. The ultimate carb meals: chestnut ravioli or chestnut risotto.

                    1. One of the easiest preps is also one of the most delicious: braised with bay leaves in red wine. See www.chowhound.com/topics/show/96924 for Marcella Hazan's recipe and some other ideas.

                      Also, see www.chowhound.com/topics/show/305240#... (pheasant or guinea fowl braised with chestnuts).