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Oct 8, 2006 03:09 PM

Blue Hill @ Stone Barns -- still serving late summer menu as of last night

My husband and I had dinner at Blue Hill @ Stone Barns last night. All of us have been to Blue Hill in the city. The other couple has always had good meals in the city; the last meal my husband and I had there was a disaster.

But we went in VERY excited about this. Each couple ordered a total of 5 courses + dessert. My overall impression -- it was good, and certain dishes were fantastic, but it was not anything better than the one in the city.

What was the most bizarre was the total lack of fall produce on the menu. In fact, most of the produce was "late summer." We had the late summer vegetables in broth and I had a tomato soup with smoked wild mushrooms (the best dish of the night, in my opinion). For pastas they had two dishes with a lack of fall produce, featuring instead the last of the season tomatoes. None of the meat nor fish dishes we had featured any vegetable sides either. Where was all of the hearty fall food that I was so looking forward to? I love to extend summer, but at this time of year, it's not the best stuff out there, and it's certainly not what I'm craving either.

I'm not sorry I went there at all and would go back, though I might not make a special trip out of the city. I'm just utterly confounded about how a place that focuses on seasonal vegetables hasn't yet figured out that it's fall.

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  1. I had an anniversary dinner there on Friday night and would like to add that they have updated the menu for fall. This was my first time to Stone Barns and I never was much interested in the downtown version. I figured it would be a nice anniversary dinner to go up there and stay nearby for the night.

    We had a late 10pm reservation but arrived at 9, checked in and had a drink at the bar. The service was a bit stuffy but not overtly overbearing as I've had at places like Gramercy Tavern. They definitely had an older crowd. Besides another couple in their early 30s, I couldn't find any other younger couples.

    We were seated early at 9:30 and had a delicious shot of cauliflower soup as an amuse bouche. It was quite delicious but nothing you wouldnt expect. I had the farmhouse green salad to start while the girlfriend had the maine crab salad. We were both amazing at the simplicity of the farmhouse salad but it was hands down our favorite salad ever. Roasted mushrooms were thrown in and the egg was just the freshest thing ever. Her crab salad was good but I think we both decided that we are not huge fans of crab meat.

    I had the four cheese gnocchi which was more of a gnocchi tortellini. It was delicious but nothing inventive. Her smoked tomato soup with caviar was interesting and quite good. For entree, I had the berkshire pig and she had the hake. The pig was very good...sort of like veal medallions as opposed to a roasted pork dish. The pork tortellini they served with it were quite delicious as well. Her hake was a bit boring though the broth was quite nice. I was never a fan of hake.

    For dessert, I had the chocolate bread pudding with earl grey ice cream which was fantastic. She had the strawberry compote with semolina shortcake. We both thought that was excellent.

    The food was quite delicious but nothing outrageous. Despite this, the service, the presentation, and the location all made it an excellent time and would not hesitate to go back.