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Oct 8, 2006 02:54 PM

Marrakech lately?

My wandering daughter (a quasi-Chowhound but not a poster) is headed for Marrakech for a wedding in a few days. I've sent her links to the previous posts on Marrakech/Morocco, but just wondering if any other travelers have been there recently and have any eating finds or focused info to share. She'll be staying in the vicinity Place Jamaa El Fna and probably looking for casual, inexpensive, "tipico" food, including places that can be collectively enjoyed with other wedding party members.

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  1. The best meals we had on a recent visit to Marrakech - and they were excellent - were at our riad (Riad Dar Doukkala), but I'm not sure if they prepare meals for non-guests. If she's staying at a riad that offers meals, she should certainly check that out. There are other riads that have excellent dining reputations, and some of them do take reservations from non-guests; it's certainly something to look into.

    For sure she'll want to eat at least once at the foodstands that open in the Jemaa at night, which is great fun (and not bad eating). There are also several very reasonably priced cafes around the Jemaa which offer views of the square; we had such one meal at the Cafe Argana which was perfectly OK, if not outstanding. The ice cream at the Cafe Prince (right off the square) was excellent.

    We had wanted to dine at El Fassia, about which we had heard great things, but it was closed the night we went. It's rep was that it was run entirely by women, and the cooking was supposed to be first-rate Moroccan homestyle. She might want to check it out.

    Finally, if she's in the New City (for the Majorelle Gardens or whatever), the Patisserie Hilton is a terrific Morrocan pastry shop with an astonishing assortment of good things to eat. We took a box-full back to our riad for an afternoon break of mint tea and pastries; it was one of our best eating experiences!