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Oct 8, 2006 01:09 PM

Don't waste you money on food at Peking Tom's....

Very disappointed. Ordered the wanton soup. It tasted like someone mixed soy sauce and some broth from a can and heated it before serving and that was $6!!! The Peking duck was NOT Peking duck. It was cooked duck that was refried and that made it really dry and tasteless. I've read people going there for the atmosphere and to hang to meet people and maybe that's fine but don't bother with the food.

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  1. Sorry you had a crappy meal. I think the longtime consensus here is that Peking Tom's food is pretty terrible. It's doubly insulting considering that Chinatown's many far worthier and cheaper restaurants are a stone's throw away. I don't even like the drinks at PT's, but it is clearly aiming for a just-turned-legal-drinking-age crowd. That's one crappy, expensive Scorpion Bowl they do there.

    1. Yeah, I'm kicking myself since I passed what looked like some authentic restaurants only a few blocks away enroute to PT's. Never again. I was suckered in because they had Peking Duck on the menu which I checked out on the web before I arrived in town for business. Never again and wanted to share my post so that others won't waste their time and money.

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        Next time you are craving Peking duck in Boston -- call King Fung Garden a day ahead and ask them to hook you up. It's served in three courses (soup, stir fry and with pancake) so you need to grab a few friends to share it with, but it's great.

        I went to PT once, for a drink, and have never been back.

      2. It started out pretty decently, but slipped badly after about the first year-year and a half. Authenticity was never its schtick, though, cheeky retro Chinese-American was.