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Oct 8, 2006 12:29 PM

random request - Hartford, somewhat near I-84

I am totally unfamiliar with the Hartford area, but I need to find a good place to eat (and also good place to have a conversation, so no places that are small, packed, and really loud) for lunch on a weekday. Relatively near I-84 is also a plus, with parking available. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks!

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  1. Check out Trumbull Grill on Trumbull street. High-end food, great wine selection (featured on Wine Spectator) little expensive but very good. Large variety of food.

    Near by (I think also on Trumbull st) is Vito's by the Park. Pretty nice high end Italian.

    One of my favorites though not particularly quiet is City Steam brew pub. There are quiet sections of the restaurant. Fantastic food. They make their own root and birch beer for a non-alcoholic lunch. That is on Main st.

    All of these are right near the intersection of 91 and 84.

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    1. re: snafui

      Where is Trumbull Grill? Do you mean the Max Chain Restaurant "Trumbull Kitchen"?

    2. Parking will be easier in West Hartford than in downtown Hartford. Try Elbow Room(there's a municipal lot around the back), Brico's or Grants- all in W. H. center about 3 min. off the Park Road exit off I-84.

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        agree with the parking thing, but Elbow Room can be noisy. Shish Kebob House just relocated to the Center (LaSalle Road); interesting food!!

      2. Oh yeah Trumbull Kitchen thanks. Parking is an issue around there. You're probably looking at a parking garage some where.