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Dec 20, 2004 07:40 PM

Golden gate bakery - hours and opening

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After reading so much discussion on Golden Gate Bakery, I am finally going to check it out. Would someone please kindly tell me the store hours, if they're open over the holidays, and if there is a best time to go to get the egg custard tart?


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  1. I do not know the hours of operation but if I need egg tarts I go between 10:30 and 11:15. Just before the lunch crowd and after the morning rush. But this is the holiday season the wrong time to go to Golden Gate. Maybe call ahead and order ahead of time if you want a lot.

    Good Luck.

    1. I think they just have their regular business hours this week, which I do not know them nor do they post them on the door. Best time to go is when they open in the morning which I guess is between 8 to 9 pm. They've been open up till 6 pm and maybe a bit after but this was pre-holiday season.

      The only time they've shut down for a month or so is middle to late summer every year when the owners/people behind the counter go back home (China?) I think I've heard a few of them speak Toy Shan dialect before.

      1. Thanks for the input!

        1. Someone please tell me what the big draw to GG bakery is. I've gone in and randomly tried a few items. They were good, but hardly worth standing in such a long line for. Did I buy the wrong things?

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            did you try the egg custard tarts? they're known for their rendition of these....and they keep them warm so that the pastry stays crisp and flaky and the filling is warm ..... their coconut tart is also very good....... others will chime in with their favorites...

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              I like the cutard tart. For size and crust it is the best I have had. But also the most expensive. There are some that are close but not as good. But there a lot that are a lot cheaper. But someday someone else should do a list of all of the good custard tarts in the Bay Area.

              They have a "Frech" dinner roll that is great when fresh(must be eaten that day) but not good overnight.

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                ChowFun (derek)

                To Custard and Coconut Tarts...I'll add crunchy yet chewy Macaroons!

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                  Do not forget the custard bomb's

            2. Hi. We will be visiting and would like to go to The GG Bakery (the last time I was in San Francisco they were closed for holidays) but the only day that we will be there is Sunday and Labour Day Monday. Any idea if they are open on Sundays or holidays?


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                they will be open first week in sept.,but could not tell me the exact day