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Oct 8, 2006 07:29 AM

Auntie Em's Kitchen. Truly, a cake in a cup.

I was passing through Eagle Rock a couple days ago, and having heard about Auntie Em's cupcakes, I decided to give them a try.

It's a tiny space, and I was fortunate enough to find street parking. There are residential streets and houses all around.

Going in, I peered through the glass case at ready-made pastas and salads. They looked a bit oily, but the salads, sandwiches, and specials listed on the chalkboard above and behind the register looked promising.

Then I glanced to my left. HUGE cupcakes, a berry cobbler, blondies, and cookies were on display on the table. I gawked at the size of the cupcakes. I've never seen such massive ones. They were like...cake slices, only in a paper cup.

Suddenly, I saw the man in front of me, with a kid in tow, take the last red velvet and had it put in a box. He took three! I couldn't help myself and plaintively asked, "Did he take the last one?"

"No, we have more in the back. I'll go look," the man helping him said. Hehe...

So, another man helped me put together a box of red velvet, coconut, chocolate cupcakes; a miniature coffee cupcake (the flavor came in a cake, too - further evidence of the impression of cake!); a blondie; a cinnamon-almond cookie; and a chocolate walnut cookie.

I also ordered a chicken cobb, a crab cobb (special), and pomegranate steak sandwich.

While I waited for my orders, I browsed the marketplace. Cute stuff, with cheese, condiments, cookbooks, candles, dinner sets...

It's a neighborhood joint, so the people working there are comfortable making the cakes and cupcakes in the open areas. While I was there, they were making a red velvet cake and cupcakes in the back of the seating area. I saw how generous they were topping those sweets.

I got home, and we tried the items. I have to say --- the cupcakes were a little too big to eat. They WERE almost like cake slices, except finger food! So it was a bit messy. The icing on the chocolate cupcake was almost the size of the cake itself. =D The coconut cupcake was firmly packed with cake, cream and coconut. Both cakes were moist, sweet, and shareable.

The red velvet was very promising, but we encountered a little problem...I've had numerous red velvet cakes and cupcakes, but are there supposed to be brown spots in it? It seemed like chocolate, but I don't know. Anyways, the icing on top was perfect, topped with red sprinkles, but the cake itself was dry at some points, and those black

The salads were delicious - both cobbs came with avocado, white eggs, baby tomatoes, and the sandwich (I didn't try) was quickly consumed without much ado.

So my conclusion? I now know why people rave about Auntie Em's cupcakes. I've had cupcakes from numerous bakeries, and never have I seen ones so huge and top-heavy. I'll definitely be back, although I'm a bit wary about those red velvets! Maybe I'll stick to Bluebird's red velvets. =)

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  1. Red Velvet Cake is a chocolate cake made with cocoa powder and red food coloring.

    1. My S.O. liked A. E.'s so much that we will use the catering services for our spring wedding. The coconut cake in a cup (cupcake) is incrediblicious! And, S.O. drooled over the chocolate brownie! :)KQ

      1. I've found the red velvet cupcakes dry also.

        Try the walnut brownies sometime too. They're truly wonderful--assertive vanilla flavor, but not too much.

        1. I've been to a few parties catered by Auntie Em's...and I must say they were all terrific. What's interesting is they were all different types of food, and they did all of them very well. I've also been told they're very good about working with you to create the kind of theme you want and to stay within your budget.
          I don't get to the restaurant as often as I'd like, but do try to go to their Market Dinners. They're amazing....and very reasonable.

          1. Quick question - has any one ever taken toddlers there? Do you know if they have highchairs? Sounds like a casual place that would be family friendly - just don't know if they'd be equipped? Thanks...

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              Very kid friendly. Tons of them there on the weekends.