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Oct 8, 2006 07:23 AM

Masami Ranch Beef?

Went to Uwajimaya this weekend and in the meat department I saw this Masami Ranch "Kobe-style" beef. Is it really wagyu or just a moniker for something more pedestrian?

Also, I Googled "Masami Ranch". If it is the same rancher, it seems like they got cited by the EPA for dumping carcasses and manure into streams on their property or abuting their property. That would not be cool:


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  1. I've been starting to see this brand of beef up and down the state (Michael Mina, Clift House). Even at some of the more ingredient conscious restaurants in LA (Abode, Sage, Koi), and asked the chefs and wait staff for more information.

    I was told it was a 100% pure Japanese bloodline Wagyu raised in Northern California, free range style, versus the craddle raised Wagyu in Japanese (totally against PETA regulations). Masami Ranch is one of the largest "Kobe Beef" ranchers in Japan, and has a few ranches in Oregon and California. They bread a Wagyu father with a Wagyu mother to get the pure Japanese bloodline, rather than the usual "American Kobe Beef" (Angus x Wagyu). This is pretty much all the information I could gather on this product, but when I tasted it at Abode last weekend, I had to find out more. This is the best American raised beef I've tasted.

    I've also had my fair share of Japanese raised Wagyu in various regions in Japan, and only the craddle raised Japanese Wagyu is superior to the Masami Wagyu, in my opinion.