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Authentic Mexican in Boston

El Pelon Taqueria is a very crowded loud little restaurant in Boston, near Fenway Park (92 Petersbourough Way). The food is fairly authenically Mexican even though most of the workers don't seem to be. The food tastes great. I ate a pork torta and my girlfriend had a chicken burrito. We have both visited Latin-America (though not Mexico) and found the food very good. The place is very small (seats no more than 15) with loud Mexican rock music playing constantly (on a Saturday night anyway) but if you like good hispanic food at reasonable prices (we paid $10 for the torta and burrito) it is awesome!

-Chico Americano

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  1. I have a friend from California, and she says El Pelon is the best Mexican food she has had, since moving. And she has been here for 5 years!

    I love their fish tacos.

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      I've only been to El Pelon 2 or 3 times, but they have the best tacos I've had. Last time I had the grilled chicken taco which was two corn tortillas (my only complaint: I wished they'd double up like Anna's does so they're easier to eat), a small bit of refried beans, limed onions (amazing), fire roasted salsa (smokey and good), and pickled cabbage. I've never had a taco without cheese and I loved it. I had guacamole on the side and it was great -- just avocados and maybe some cilantro. It wasn't full of onions, which I don't really like.

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        Not that I recall and not according to their website.

      2. i think they have beer, although i never have beer when i'm there for some reason, so don't take my word for it. the fish tacos are indeed some of the best i've had *any*where. good stuff. killer salsa, too. do they still do the chile-eating contest?

        1. Funny, everyone says Picante is bland but I found el Pelon to be SO boring. I don't understand the buzz around that place.

          1. I too recommend El Pelon, which has the best burritos in Boston in my book (followed by Boca Grande, Taqueria Mexicana, Tacos Lupita, and Anna's).

            1. Indulge the n00b: where is El Pelon? I just moved here and, as they say, <i>je cherche</i> a great burrito (and if there are tasty fish tacos, so much the better). Found Anna's wicked underwhelming, though I might return for a go at their tacos...

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                Welcome to Boston!

                Here's a site that's helpful for finding addresses/phone numbers: http://www.superpages.com/

                El Pelon is in Fenway:

                El Pelon Taqueria
                92 Peterborough St, Boston, MA 02215
                (617) 262-9090
                (617) 262-9060 (fax


                Website http://www.elpelon.com

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                  Thanks much, Chris VR--and I just noticed an address in the initial post...d'oh!

              2. I believe Taqueria Mexico in Waltham is a much more "authentic Mexican" place. Not to disrespect El Pelon, but that's what the thread title says.

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                  Hear, hear! I had lunch at Taqueria Mexico just yesterday, and it was outstanding, especially the barbacoa flauta that came in my combo platter and the side of very tasty refried beans.

                  I was completely disappointed the one time that I ate at El Pelon, to the point that DC and I went someplace else and had a second dinner to make up for it! We had the much-vaunted fish tacos, and we haven't felt moved to try it again.

                2. I believe the title said "Boston", therefore, I rated El Pelon, as the best.

                  I didn't consider places outside of Boston, or I would have included Mexico Lindo in Melrose. It's excellend, although not in Boston proper.

                  And I mean no respect to anyone on this thread either ;)..

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                    Thanks for the reminder about Mexico Lindo. I've never tried that place.

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                      They make great margarita's- and you can get them by the pitcher!

                  2. I would also thow in Tres Amigos in Stoneham. This is a small place on Rte 28 (Main St)in a strip mall. It is just down the street from the Redstone Plaza. Kind of hard to see from the street though. The food is very good, they have tables so you can eat in or take out. I am particularly fond of their Chili Verde and Carne Asada tacos. The freshly made soft corn tortillas they us for the tacos are wonderful.

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                      ve seen the sign for this place, and remember a post on this board long ago recommending it. Will have to try it out- thought it was more of a take put kind of place, though.