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Oct 8, 2006 06:17 AM

Slightly interesting new FN show

This evening FN actually got my attention. As in, 'oh-oh, the execs really f*****d up and put something interesting on'.
No lame competitions, spice packet queens, or total product placement stuff.
The shows centered around kitchen gadgets; 'Gotta Get It' hosted by Guy ...... and 'Kitchen Gadgets of the Future' with a segment on Ron Popeil. Dang, my memory just hiccuped but there was actually one of his gadgets that showed promise. Not that I would dial that toll free number to buy one :-\.
These shows may have been a 'one off' thing but they were slightly out-of-the-box for FN.
Am I delirious?

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  1. We watched tonight too. It was a little outside the box. I loved the gadget to shell boiled eggs. Loved it flying across the sidewalk. Funny. At least is was something new.

    1. Rewound the tape and came up with some notes on...
      The (somewhat) Good:
      - Cook-N-Dine grill/table, expensive though
      - Home deli slicer ($80), looked like my mom's old Braun which has no torque
      - Bamix immersion blender - I have a 15 year old one which still kicks ass over anything below commercial size. Replaceable blades, two speeds, Swiss made (well, mine is).
      - Solid food 'flavor' injector (Ron Popeil product). Showed it injecting olives, etc. into meat. Good idea, not sure about the execution.
      The (definitely) Bad:
      - Remotely accessible combo oven/refer. Put your prepped meal in the refer, set timer, starts cooking to your specs later, can be accessed from Inet to adjust cooking schedule. $7500!! For that price I could hire a chef or eat out a LOT
      - auto marinator, $200. Just a meat 'tumbler'. Maybe for Sandra Lee so she doesn't have to flip the ziploc bag in the fridge.
      - egg extractor, $15. A crummy piece of plastic that attempts to peel a hard boiled egg in one stroke. Guy looked like H.O.T.S. trying to get it to work. Hilarious infomercial POS, send it to Leno or Letterman.
      - Miele high tech stoves and ovens. Ridiculous product placement piece. For the HGTV crowd with
      WAY-too-much-money-to-spend, and who will probably hire a chef anyway.

      1. WE liked was enjoyable.

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        1. re: melly

          Don't SAY things like that! It will be on the air 3x a day, 6 days a week!

        2. The ice cream churn in a ball was kinda fun. There was a pineapple slicer he showed at the very end that looked like it worked pretty well. Those might have been in a different episode--I had the show on but wasn't paying much attention.

          1. The built in $2K coffee maker was over the top. The hot red eggs, coffee, toast thingy was cute..for a toddler..reminded me of an upgraded easy bake oven. I thought GUY was an interesting choice to host given he's new to FN and not a household name/personality YET :)

            The show reminded me of HGTV's "I Want That" a bit too much originality.

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            1. re: HillJ

              I thought Guy was a better choice than, say, Mark Sommers; at least Guy knows how to cook.
              I'd rather see this show improve the mix on FN than ANYTHING on that Awful waste of basic cable bandwidth called HGTV (TV for People With Way Too Much Disposable Income); HGTV should be banished to super premium cable, but that's another post.....

              1. re: DiveFan

                Dive...apparently knowing how to cook and talking about gadgets aren't mutually inclusive in TV Host land. IMO, HGTV and the current FN appeal to the same viewing audience; whether gearing up your own kitchen or dining out 5 nights a week...disposable income is subjective :)

                What is for certain is the competition for viewers.