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Oct 8, 2006 04:57 AM

Grano Padano ('real' parm)

So.. I am looking to buy some grano padano/real parmesan (that doesn't have too much of an odour.) I tried buying baby parm today (it was hard like the grano, but when I opened up the seal/tried it - it was quite the stinker, literally).

so... any suggestions? I like the hardness of the grano padano (but dont' want to buy a whole log of it../don't want to spend hundreds of dollars) - would pusateri's/chapmans sell it?

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  1. Pusateris sells it. Alex Farms sells it. I think many Loblaws sell it, though the quality isn't as good.

    Are you sure you don't want Reggiano?

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      Grana can be as good as reggiano.

    2. Salumeria Deli (south of Grano) sells it grated or not and as much as you want. You should know that the real Parm is Reggiano.

      1. Olympic Cheese at St. Lawrence Market has it.

        1. I get my Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano at Grande Cheese. There are several outlet size locations in T.O/GTA.

          1. Hands down the best deal on these cheeses is Costco--no one else comes close.

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              There are a couple of Italian import-exporters that I have gone to in Woodbridge just off the 400 north of Hwy. 7 with a friend of mine who did some legal work for them (that just sounds fishy doesn't it -- it isn't though, I swear!). I'll try and remember there names. Anyways, there the only places I've found with cheaper and better than Costco.

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                I'll try to remember their names. . . they're the only places I've found cheaper or better than Costco.