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Oct 8, 2006 04:38 AM

Stocking Stuffers and Party Favors for Wine Lovers

I have to get a very small token birthday gift for a friend's 50th. We're not really supposed to bring presents to the party so it should be really understated. He's got the whole beautiful wine cellar the size of my study - temperature, humidity controlled, cabinetmaker-type racks, great stuff laid down, all the best.
Is there any little new thing? Trendy? Fun? Off the wall? Even a good gag?

Christmas and Hanukkah are coming so I'll need lots of small gifts and party favors. What are some stocking stuffer, party favor ideas for wine lovers? Some small things that could go at place setting would be great.
I'd love to get this done early so I can put my feet up and enjoy the Season!

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  1. Neck tags for wines might be a good idea if he has a cellar. You write the name of the wine and the year on it so they can be identified while still in the racks. Cheap too!

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      If he wants these he already has them. If he doesn't have them he doesn't want them.

      A gag-type gift might be better. There are new wine-oriented gag cocktail napkins all the time. A bottle of 2-buck chuck, or Cook's champagne.

    2. Little round paper name tags that go around the stem of the wine glass near the base are great for wine tasting parties so people do not lose their wine glass.

      Vacu Vin makes some very nice acrylic pourers that fit in the neck of the bottle and prevent drips. Example here:

      1. has some cuff links that have wine the arms move wine appears to pour in the wine glasses. Sounds weird...but looks cool.

        1. One more gift would probably not seem out of line to bring a bottle of wine. Maybe something thats not readily available that can only be purchased at the winery...which of course means a trip to a winery for you.

          1. I am sure your time is limited but if you have some-- take a funky old frame with the cardboard back and glue corks in it for a cool cork board. Leave one cork out and have the receiver fill it in with the wine they enjoy the evening of the party to remember the night by. I make them all the time for people and they are useful as well as thoughtful. I really like to receive the label savers as well. It is my most useful tool to remembering what I like barring taking pictures of labels with my cell phone.