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Oct 8, 2006 03:21 AM

Luna Park = Awesome!

My parents and Aunt and uncle came down to LA from Northen California this weekend for the USC vs. Washington Game. After reading the great reports about Luna Park and driving by it numerous times going to the Grove, I decided to take them there for dinner. I gotta say, it was awesome! The findue and grilled artichoke appetizer were both amazing, and my sea bass was unbelievable. That is now one of my favorite places for dinner, although it does get really dark and a little hard to hear. But overall, one of my top ten in LA.

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  1. I think that Luna Park is one of the excellent values in the city. It does get loud and crowded, but that's part of the atmoshpere there. Even when I sat next to the cramped bar and kept getting bumped, I still had a great meal.

    My favorite dish is the risotto with scallops and a tomatillo sauce, yum! The desserts are tasty too, especially the crisp.

    1. It's a hit or miss place. I've had some good meals there, some "eh." They have failed to maintain timely reservations, and have made us (2 people) sit with other couples at the same table. Not very conducive to a private meal, though it is can get so loud it's difficult to hear the other party anyways.

      Great scene, though. If anything, it's a nice spot for drinks and dessert. Entree portions are pretty big, so ok value for what you pay. The goat cheese fondue is cute, and make your own s'mores is fun.

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        They made you sit with another couple? You must really like the food.

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          There is nothing private about Luna Park, we (a party of four) split the big round table with another party of four when we dropped in for drinks and dessert. I kind of like that sort of atmosphere once in a while. If you get one of the booths you can get a little more privacy, or you can go on the early side, before the crowd arrives.

        2. Agreed with chica on the hit and miss for food (and service as well) - though drinks are consistently good. I love their fondue, s'mores, and mac 'n cheese.

          1. on how good the drinks are, you should try their mojito with hangar one lime vodka. it rocks!

            1. I like Luna Park a lot, but I think a better deal would be to go for drinks, appetizers, and desserts. As mentioned above, sometimes entrees are hit or miss.