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Oct 8, 2006 02:50 AM

Whole Foods has $20 off coupons for Ciudad or Border Grill

At least the Whole Foods on Barrington in W. LA does. They're giving them away. Just bring in a WF receipt (for any amonut) and the coupon for $20 off. I hope this post doesn't violate any of the mysterious chowhound site rules...but since the coupons are free I'm not sure why it would.

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  1. They run this promotion frequently. Sometimes I have been able to use the coupon for Border Grill happy hour, sometimes not. I think I'm about 50/50 depending on which manager is there. The coupon requires that you spend $50 to save $20.

    1. Good to know this is back. I've used it before at Ciudad with no problems.

      1. Eh... I don't know if it's worth your $30 to get $20 off a $50 tab at Ciudad. I really disliked that place. Bland, uninspired food, unimpressive service, and really expensive for what you get. Seemed more like a glossy touristy spot than a Chowhound find.

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          You don't have to spend $30 at WF to get the coupon, it's FREE!!!! I actually only spent $19 (a record low.) Use it if you want, don't if you don't! ;) I've never been to Ciudad, so I don't know how much of a Chowhound find it is.

          1. re: writergirl

            You have to spend at least $50 at the restaurant, not WF. I think amandine's point is that it may not be worth shelling out at least $30 at the resto, on top of the $20 "free" food, just to take advantage of the coupon.

          2. re: amandine

            I work a few blocks away from there and go there for lunch often, I like it. I don't think it's overpriced for what you get. There are certain things that are favorites of mine for lunch like the Tortilla Soup, Chopped Salad with Cuban Fried Chicken, Chicken Milanesa, Frango y Figos, not to mention the Torta de Tres Leches. I've been there for dinner and haven't liked it as much.

          3. I just called and the Westwood store on Gayley also is offering the Ciudad and Border Grill coupons.

            1. They do not have them at the Studio City Whole Foods.