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Oct 8, 2006 02:45 AM

Give Oinkster Another Try!

After trying Oinkster last week many of us found a few areas that needed to be addressed. Andre did not disappoint. We tried it again this afternoon and what a difference. The portions were much larger, the presentations nicer, the sides were not forgotten and the fries were wonderful. The staff seems to have found their groove and, while it may not be perfect yet, the Oinkster is well on it's way to becoming a neighborhood favorite. Give it another try!

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  1. In the restaurant business you got to put your best foot forward from the start.

    "A satisfied customer may tell one person of their experience, yet a disatisfied customer will tell ten times as many people."

    Some people aren't as foregiving as you. Maybe I'll try it again, but I'm in no rush.

    1. I agree with you both. I had a good experience although I really wanted a shake, bad. I think the chipotle mayo is a necessity.

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      1. re: xdrixn

        How was the shake? How many varieties?? Was it thick enough?

        1. re: miffy

          shakes are yummy with Fosselman's ice cream. vanilla, choc or strawberry - can add malt, too.
          Andre also has a pumpkin pie variety this month.

          1. re: sugarorspice

            Thank you for the reply! That sounds great! I always meant to go to Fosseleman's but haven't-- so now I can try (as a shake) the legendary stuff!
            Pumpkin pie shake are normally not my fav but I guess it is in season!

            1. re: miffy

              the pumpkin ice cream in season at fosselman's is really great.

      2. They have the shakes now although I haven't tried one yet. Used up my calorie limit on the banana cream pie -- excellent.

        1. I wish there were more bread options--the roll the pastrami was on, for instance, was kind of blah, I prefer rye bread. The pastrami was not yet a rival to Langer's, but I am still glad Oinkster is in the neighborhood.

          I want to try the pork sandwich but again, the puffy white roll puts me off. And the burger was pretty good, but with another puffy white bun. But maybe it's just me, I've gone nuts trying to find decent whole grain bread in this town and have to make my own. I wish all good sandwich places offered at least some whole grain options.

          1. Had my first foray this afternoon and was not disappointed in the least (except for the lack of Belgian ales - anyone know anything about this?). Sat outside on the patio enjoying the street scene below. The Oinkster Pastrami was delicious - nicely spiced with the tart of the cole slaw and the top quality mustard adding a nice acid balance against the unctuousness of the pastrami and gruyere. After the first half of the sandwich I was full and had planned to take the rest home with me, but I couldn't resist and finished it all. The pulled pork was delicate, not at all the saucy mess you get at Zeke's. The fries were tasty though could have used another 30 seconds in the fryer for my taste, so next time I will know to ask for them extra crispy. The garlic aioli was a treat. Can't wait for them to get their rotisserie permitted so that can try the chickens next time.

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            1. re: gearoy

              They do not have their alcohol license yet, and thus the no ales issue, for the moment. It is in process, though.
              My take on the pastrami sandwich is it is akin to a cross between the roll at Philippes(a bit softer) but with pastrami akin to that at Langers, with quality pickles and slaw to accompany.
              All the sauces are homemade, and that garlic aioli is really tasty as is the catsup. Need to get around to the others.