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Oct 8, 2006 02:35 AM

Robuchon for someone that cant eat seafood?

Is love to try Joel Robuchon in Vegas but I dont eat sea food. The concierge at my hotel has assured me they can accomadate my tatses, especially given I made a reservation 3+ weeks in advance. No sea fod, no organ meats, no cheese sauces (and not many veges--my mom was too easy on me growing up). I do eat and love beef, pork, lamb, duck, veal, pasta, frog legs, chicken, and breads. I dont mind repeating courses. Will I be ok or should I look elswhere? Alex has a nice 3 course menu that looks fine for me, but Im really looking forward to trying Robuchon.

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  1. In what city would you like a recommendation?

      1. I can only go by my meal that I had at Robuchon's L'Atelier in Paris. It seems to be pretty similar to the LV branch. I had the tasting menu of which a good half of the menu was seafood so the tasting is probably not for you. The non seafood dishes I remember: the lamb, the egg, gazpacho were excellent.

        However, the regular menu (a la carte) was varied enough that you should be able to avoid seafood. From what I could tell there were no cheesy sauces.

        That being said I don't know about the Joel Robuchon at the Mansion.

        I hope this helps.

        1. Of course they can accomodate you, but I suggest you order a la carte at the "bar". Have the egg, the steak, and whatever else suits your diet and enjoy. Skip the mansion and stick with L'Atelier.

          As for Alex, also a good choice. Can't do both?

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. My girlfriend gets to pick too and she is set on mesa grill. Its her favorite southwestern place. That left one day for us to agree upon and we thought one french meal was enough so we will go to Jasmine.
            May I ask why you suggest L'Atelier? I was so temptedby a 16 vourse meal, each one small and sensational, that i really didnt think of his other place.