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Oct 8, 2006 02:18 AM

central square new eats

walked by Tavern on the square and what used to be "Wish". Looks like is is just a private function room now. Next door a new place is opening in the old "Pressed Sandwiches" space,the coming soon signs are up..
"Hot Off The Press"..?? anybody know anything about it??

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  1. Hot Off The Press is a small place, mostly take out, in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It has a pretty small menu, open only for breakfast & lunch, and takes cash only. I've tried it once - grilled cheese special with tomato - and it was decent. The bread (sourdough) was a bit thick for a pressed sandwich, but held up up well. It should be interesting to see how this place does since "Pressed" didn't make it in the same space.