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Oct 8, 2006 12:09 AM

Keilbasa Substitute?

I'm trying to adapt a recipe to be pork-less for my husband and it calls for a large quantity of smoked Keilbasa sausage. I've never had it and I'm not sure how to proceed. If it's smoked I was thinking of using soujouk, a hard smoked beef sausage.

I'm just worried about the texture, soujouk is very hard almost like perpperoni. What is the texture of keilbasa?


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  1. Melly, there ARE pork-less kielbasas out there made from turkey...I think Oscar Meyer makes one...that might be a way to go for you.

    1. Another big national brand also has turkey, as well as beef (I think the beef has no pork, but check the label.)

      But anyway. I'm not familiar with soujouk so I can't help there, but the texture of kielbasa varies depending whether it's "real" or suparmket-packaged (always wetter and softer), but it's never hard. It's not too different from regular (not hard) salami, maybe a little softer still.

      1. I always use turkey keilbasa, or if you can't find how about turkey hot dogs? You need something very soft.

        1. Look for the blue labeled Kielbasa... most brands have an all-beef kielbasa.

          1. Soujoukh is not a good replacement. Kielbasa is much softer than soujoukh. If you can find a really good "summer sausage" (the kind that comes in a loop) that'd be a good replacement, and it's all-beef. Hillshire Farms, though, which is the most commonly-available brand, is kind of nasty.

            They do make turkey kielbasa and beef kielbasa, by the way.

            Veal sausages, if available, like bockwurst, would also be fine, though not the same flavour.

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              hmmm, I'll probably look for beef kielbasa. If not I can probably do some kind of mixture. Think I'll skip the hot dogs though...

              Thanks guys!