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Oct 7, 2006 11:54 PM



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  1. I don't know about Colombian, but a couple of alternatives in Columbus are:

    El Arepazo downtown is Venezuelan.

    Garcia's at the corner of High and Hudson is Peruvian.

    I used to have some South American friends who have since moved away from Columbus, but they would hang out at a place called the Latin Rooster.

    1. GARCIAS is americanized mexican not peruvian. seemed like it was the only mex in town for quite awhile. not very good, but still an old osu nabe fav.

      the other place which i believe is in pearl alley downtown is the one to try. go for lunch on a workday.

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        Garcia's is owned by a family originally from Peru and although a Mexican restaurant, it has a couple of Peruvian items on the menu. Or at least it used to -- been a couple of years since I have been there. The family also owns Jack and Benny's. You can get Inca Cola at Jack and Benny's.

        In Columbus it is useful to know where the owners of the ethnic places are from. Saigon Palace downtown is currently owned by Indonesians, Nong's Hunan Express has the best Thai food in town, etc.

        Another option is a churrasco place (Brazilian steakhouse) called Amazon Grill.

      2. what peruvian did they ever have at GARCIAS? that was strictly a americanized mex menu, with rather dubious execution. unless they changed it which i cant imagine as its a stuck in a time warp joint -- not that theres anything wrong with that.

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          I used to go to Garcia's a lot in the early/mid 90's and they had a couple of Peruvian items on the menu. And they had a dish named after P.M. Magazine, a show that had been off the air for several years by that point. The main reason we would go is that they had the cheapest Sam Adams in Columbus, and this was at a time before the proliferation of microbrews and most bars had a much smaller beer selection than is common now. Like I said, it has been a few years since I have been to Garcia's, so they may have dropped the Peruvian items from the menu. I hope they dropped/changed the name of the P.M. Magazine dish.

          Over the past several years the family has seemed more interested in running Jack and Benny's (my favorite breakfast joint in Columbus) than Garcia's.

          1. re: kura kura

            I ate at Jack and Benny's this morning and noticed that the neon sign in the window of Garcia's actually says "Garcia's Peruvian Seafood" which I had never noticed before.

        2. Nogs is a far cry from the best thai in the city...If you like oversweetended noodles and a grimy place than Nongs is the place for you.

          1. Nong's is grimy, but it is mostly a take out place. You have to know what to order. Pass on their Chinese items and go for something like the Gang Sub Pa Ross Chicken (extra spicey).