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Pepe's Pizza in Fairfield ,CT.......can I say flavorless!!!!!!!!

My partner and I were driving by here today and said hey,let's give it a try. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and they were kinda slow. We immediately sat down and within about 10 minutes had our pies. I had a small mushroom and he had small broccoli and chicken. Boy oh boy we were both really disappointed! Both pizzas had absolutley no flavor whatsoever. They were both bland. We even sprinkled on lots of the parmesan from the shaker but that didn't help at all. The sauce was flavorless too. And the crust on mine was a bit doughy. I don't think we will be going back.

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  1. I'll stick with Letitzia's...had a white pie the other day--unbelievably good!

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      Where is Letitzia's located? Always up to try a new place.

    2. Letizia's
      666 Main Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut

      I have to say that we tried the new Pepe's in June and the pizza tasted pretty good. We had a white clam and regular cheese with peperoni. I grew up eating Pepe's in New Haven and I honestly could not tell the difference.

      My only complaint was that we ordered two IPAs on tap and whatever they gave us was not IPA (tasted like Miller). When we complained they replaced our beers with a couple of Sam Adams. Other than that, we were happy not to have to wait in line in New Haven.

      1. Thank God I am not the only one who "doesn't get" what the furor is over Pepe's. Dry crust, bland sauce, nondescript cheese...and the white pie is like eating salty garlic bread with canned clams. This goes for both New Haven and Fairfield. I'm sorry folks...I tried! More than once I might add. Letizia's is very good. I also enjoy Colony Pizza.

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          Canned clams at Pepe's? That's hard to believe.

        2. Rumor has it that Pepe's is still in an expansive mood, now looking in the direction of Storrs and the University of Connecticut campus.

          1. Thanks for the backup Fairfield Foodie and Elizzie!!! All my coworkers think I am nuts for saying what I said but there are local pizza places here that are better than Pepe's. Thanks, Richie

            1. sally's. always good, so what if you have to wait. it's better than dropping $20 + drinks on bland, flavorless calories.


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                Sally's = My worst dining experience EVER.

                They could be giving away pizza for free, and I'd never return back.

                I grew up eating Old Forge PA pizza, so I really never got excited with the New Haven overhyped stuff. My fave was always Bru Rm @ BAR mashed potato & bacon pie. Good pizza and good beer.

              2. When you order broccoli and chicken on a pie-you deserve what you get....

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                  I disagree. Pepe's white pie with chicken, broccoli, and onions is superb. I think they do a better job with chicken than most places do.

                2. What kind of comment is that? You order what you like....right?

                  1. Have to disagree with the majority on this one. I was at Pepe's in Fairfield yesterday, and had a delicious clam pizza, and took home a plain. Wonderfully charred crust, clams bursting with flavor...the white sauce replete with the classic garlic, butter, and oil mixture, and the for dinner the reheated plain pie was one of the best I've had. I actually prefer the Fairfield location over the original. What you lose in atmosphere you gain in service, decor, convenience, and overall product. The only knock I have is that the $1 sodas they serve are the same size as the ones in New Haven...basically a shot glass. Other than that, I think Pepe's Fairfield location is an absolute winner.

                    1. I am a Pepe's fan and,though it's not perfect in Fairfield, the few times we've had their pizza it has been wonderful. On a recommendation from a friend we tried the shrimp pizza, instead of the garlic, with some cheese, and it was really good. We'll keep going...

                      1. I agree. I am not a big Pepe's fan - I think the place is over rated. If you want to try a good pie, go to Roselands in Derby

                        1. Brocoli and chicken at Pepes? What alternative universe did you grow up in. After going to Pepes for a little over 30 years at the original in NH allow me to offer some advice. Cheese, mushroom and sausage (they have best Italian sausage there is), white clam with bacon and garlic, plain cheese pie. These are your classics and the store in Fairfield has got it going on. Got there at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon - no wait, timing is everything. Truly a beautiful thing.

                          1. I always loved Pepe's in New Haven, but was disappointed with the Fairfield pie. Not to mention the service was horrible.

                            Mario's on the Post Road right next door to Chili's in Milford. Great pizza.

                            1. I know this post is old but I felt the need to butt in. I wrote in another post that when places like this branch off, the quality and integrity seems to lack. Sometime you just can't reproduce what's already done. If "Fairfielders" have never made the trek to New Haven, try it. Go to the original Pepes. My personal fav is Modern on State St.

                              And Roseland (Derby) get's a big thumbs up for me too! Also Guisspies in Naugatuck.

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                                Haven't been to the New Haven location in 15 years but love the Fairfield location. Their clam pizza with garlic is my favorite. Never had a problem with service either.

                                It really is hard to listen to recs for pizza. My dh and I can't even agree on a pizza place. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to pizza.

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                                  In fairness to those who make the trek to Wooster in NH, give Sally's a try as well.

                                  There is an enormous debate about which is better, sorta like deciding what color diamond is better. I used to trek from NJ for these pies and now in FFD county. There is no better pie than Pepy's and Sally's in NH. They are the Hope Diamonds.

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                                    Ahhhh, but you forget about the hidded jewel.... Yes Pepe's and Sally's are great pizza, but for my money, I'll go to MODERN PIZZA on State Street in New Haven. Brick oven, Thin slice, plenty of Oil in the middle! Give it a try!

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                                    Holy Mackeral!!!! Roseland is AWESOME TOO!!!!! I love that place. In my own opionion MODERN is NH is the Best!!! Roseland is right there too!

                                  3. I think all the hype has made some expectations too high, as far as pizza goes, pepe's bacon and mushroom cant be beat! The price is right, the service takes a bit of getting used to, for seinfeld fans, my husband says its like the pizza natzi! Sallys Modern and Roseland are all good. Its all about the crust, the black bottom, crispy, yet chewy and thin! Beer and pizza can't be beat on a Friday nite in New Haven. When were looking for something a little closer...Roma's in Ansonia is excellent also.

                                    1. We again tried Pepe’s in Fairfield and I will say it was pretty good, but not as good as the original, so I will recant my former post. (I will still go there though.)

                                      I used to like Sally’s, but I REALLY like Modern (though the servers there have a problem making proper change).