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Oct 7, 2006 11:39 PM

2nd Annual Texas Barbequeue Festival [AUS]

Someone recently posted a recommendation for Gonzales Food Market in Gonzales, which is a bit too far from Austin for me. But I just saw that they will be at tomorrow's Texas Barbequeue Festival at the Travis County Farmer's Market on Burnet Rd. Thought others might be interested.

The 2nd Annual Texas Barbecue Festival
Sunday, October 8
Travis County Farmers' Market
Noon - 6pm

* Southside Market from Elgin, Texas
* Meyers Elgin Smokehouse
* R.O.s Outpost BBQ from Spicewood, Texas
* Gonzales Food Market from Gonzales, Texas
* Big Oak Bar-B-Que from Buda, Texas
* Ruby's BBQ from Austin, Texas
* Artz' Rib House from Austin, Texas
* Smokey Denmark Sausage Co. from Austin
* Royer's Round Top Cafe (Pies) from Round Top, Texas
* Patek's Shiner Smokehouse from Shiner


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  1. What a bust. I went yesterday about 12:30 and the crowd was light. I couldn't find many of the 'cue palces listed in the advertisement and the ones I could find were serving only sausage wraps (Gonzales) or brisket wraps (Meyer's) that had been cooked off site and held for a long time. Ruby's was serving serving chopped beef on one slice of bread, potato salad that seemed commercial and cole slaw that seemed undressed.

    This festival needs some serious change or my guess is that it won't last. More food needs to be prepared on site and it needs to more representative of the food one finds in the actual restaurants.

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    1. re: Greg Spence

      Yeah, and where are the top restaurants like the Lockhart gang, the Muellers, Cooper's or Luling City Market?

      Lat year's sausage fest (ha!) was pretty lame too.

      1. re: Kent Wang

        There are two pretty good reasons they're not there. First, they're well past the need to advertise. Second, for the places you mention, the pit is key to the barbecue; and their pits weren't built with trailer hitches for catering gigs and roadshows like this.

        Having a barbecue festival like this in Austin is like putting a sidewalk arts festival outside the Louvre. What's the point?


        1. re: Scott

          Good point. I think that's also why we don't have competition circuits like Carolina and Kansas City do. Excellent analogy about the Louvre as well.

          Brian, I like how you spelled queue in your title. There was certainly a lot of that last year when I went.

      2. re: Greg Spence

        Phew. Glad I didn't go. I meant to, but totally forgot. Sounds like I (accidentally) made the right choice.

      3. Yes, it was lame, and sausage seemed to be the only offering I could find - besides a display chicken laying coyly on its side with anthropomorphic breasts. How? Why? The image is haunting me and enough to keep me away next year!