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Oct 7, 2006 11:39 PM

Five Hot Chillies??? Howler???

Have you been? Is it difficult to get to from Sudbury Hill tube station?



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  1. It amazes me that these are names of actual restaurants in London -- how things have changed! What kinds of foods do they serve?

    1. It is at 875 Harrow Rd. and has gotten good reviews. Time out said great Pakistani/Northern Indian Cooking. It is a family type place and BYOB. I'm wondering if during ramadan it will be packed at dinner. I'll let you know if we do get there. So much food and art and so little time. Still no reservations made but we can kind of do that on a day by day basis via Blackberry.

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      1. re: Candy

        Aren't you worried that you might not be able to get into your first choices?

        1. re: pikawicca

          No, there is so much and we are so flexible, not like Bloomington on a game weekend!

      2. gosh, haven't been. i looked up the time out review and they certainly loved it... though i'm puzzled about 'deighi gosht' ... perhaps the word is 'dekchi' which means a cooking container, sort off a riff on 'kadai', perhaps.

        should take you about 30 minutes by tube from gloucester road - here's a helpful site if you've never used it

        tell us how you found it if you do go, will you?

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          If we do make it there I willl report, maybe some pictures too! I sent Amin (London Foodie) a note about his opinion on it, he lives up that way, have not yet hard from him.

        2. Candy

          I checked it out last Friday. I live about two miles away.

          Tis one of that breed of London Indian restos that appeal more to the local ethnics than to the rest of us.

          Good food and very decently priced. £27 got us three starters, and two mains with rice and naan plus a few small cokes.

          But the place is a dump. Harsh overhead lighting, floor unswept since Ramadan before last, lousy service, nil decor etc etc.

          For example, our mains arrived but without plates. I grabbed a spare that was already on the table and, in my usual faux malicious way, enjoyed my son's discomfort. He asked for a plate and it arrived. His comment " the Michelin inspector would not be impressed".

          To answer your original point, its about fifteen minutes walk from Sudbury Town tube. Its probably not worth the effort.

          1. But this sounds interesting.

            How good was the food? Worth taking a spare plate just in case?

            I'm happy to leave Michelin stars to the Michelin guide. If the food is exceptional Chowhounds is the place.


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              I'm not particularly well qualified on what is laughably called Indian food in the UK. But I'd give the food 7/10. Thing is, for me at least, the absence of anything else that I look for in a restaurant tends to damage the impartiality of my judgement.

              Its a dump with good food.

              Its easier for me to apply an economic analysis. It survives without selling booze which suggests that the food has to be good, or at least very popular, particularly at that price point.

              It survives within the Wembley/Sudbury/Harrow market which is intensely competitive for the cuisine.

              When taken together, the two factors support the thesis that the food is at least good.

              If you live nearby, and do not have a problem with the absence of non-food positives in a resto, its worth a go. But it aint worth much of a detour.