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Oct 7, 2006 10:37 PM

Need Spanokopita for a crowd

Hi - Am hosting a large gathering and want to outsource some of the cooking including the spanokopita. I'll be buying an entire tray. I can pick up from Newton and as far west as Framingham and as far north as Watertown. Please no Boston or Cambridge suggestions. TIA

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  1. When is this large gathering? I've had trouble ordering even single-serving orders of spanakopita because of the spinach debacle. My recommendation is for the Andros Diner, which I believe is technically in Belmont, but close enough to Watertown that it should be within your approved pickup area.

    1. This weekend at the Greek church in Haverhill, they are having a Greek Festival. I went tonight for dinner and instead of spinish pie, they were serving leek pie. It was very good, as was evrything else we ordered. Tomorrow is the last day.

      1. Ooooh, didn't even think about the spinach thing!

        1. I would reccomend a bakery. Vouros in Roslindale, or one of the Watertown bakeries.

          1. I am sure that Sophia's Greek Pantry would accomodate this. Trapello rd, just over the line from Watertown. Great food, really, really nice people. Worth a call to see what else they can outsource for you.

            Andros Diner, mentioned above, is a little farther up Trapello in Belmont (at the junction of rt 60) and also have very good food and I suspect they will cater as well.

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              Sophia's Greek Pantry does usually have trays of heavenly spanakopita (she even makes the phyllo herslef) but I recommend calling ahead because of the spinach debacle.