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Oct 7, 2006 09:55 PM

Recs for late sushi in Little Tokyo

Anyone have a recommendation for a sushi spot for late tonight in Little Tokyo. We'll be out of the theater about 9:30 or 10:00. Would have loved to go to Sushi Gen, but they close at 9:45. What's open later in that area that's good. Don't mind spending 20 - 30 per person.

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  1. Though a bit old, here's a link to a previous post about Sushi places in the area. Perhaps you could call some of them and find out their hours. I was at East on 1st Street last week and it was pretty good, and people were still walking in at 10:00. I've also heard that the restaurant on top of the New Otani Hotel is pretty good, though I don't know their hours either. Good luck.

    1. Most Little Tokyo sushi restaurants close around 10 pm.

      The two that I can think of that are open later are Hamakawa on 2nd street and Oomasa on 1st in Japanese Village Plaza. They are open to at least 11:30 pm.

      1. We ended up going to Oomasa, which is open to midnight. Very fresh, very friendly. For example, the sushi chef at the counter replaces your pile of gari without asking and always clears your dishes. We had tuna, toro, mackeral, oyster, seared albacore, eel, and probably more that I have forgotten. We didn't have any of the hand rolls, but they were generous. $50 for ample sushi for two. Sat next to a guy who recommended Sush Go 55 for a not-so-late Little Tokyo sushi dinner.