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Oct 7, 2006 09:52 PM

Richmond, VA -- Downtown -- Italian Dinner Night b4 Marathon??

We will be staying in the downtown Richmond area the night before the Richmond Marathon in early November. Would like your recommendations for a good, non-tourist, non-chain Italian restaurant for my pre-marathon dinner. Looking for a good place for classice pasta and meatballs type of dinner. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Well it is Mama Zu (Oregon Hill) someone will post about service but I have never ever had a problem. If 5 or more it will be family style. They also only take American Express, Cash, or Check. There sister (or brother) restaurant will be Edo Squid in the fan. Same style different atmosphere food equally good. They take Visa and MC (don't ask). Hope this helps!


    1. Edo's also takes reservations and Mamma Zu's does not. I'd go with Edo's over Mamma Zu's.

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      1. I love Edo's and Mamma Zu, but they aren't really "classic pasta and meatballs" kind of places. La Grotta seems to me to be a better fit to the original question. It is smack downtown, good and very much a traditional pasta kind of place.

        If you want to do something less expensive for your carbo-loading fix, I'd suggest Caffe di Pagliacci in the fan for good quality pasta at a lower price.

        1. Caffe di Pagliacci closed several years ago.

          1. If you are willing to go to the fan, Joe's Inn is where I have been for carb loading in the past. (for the 10k race )It has great food and a great neighborhood feel. It is on Shields St.

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              Good suggestion Joe.....spaghetti a la Greek....mmmmmmmmmmmm