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Oct 7, 2006 09:50 PM

Picturesque towns with great food outside of Manhattan? [moved from Manhattan Board]

Im looking to take a 3 day picturesque motorcycle trip leaving Manhattan next friday. Love to end up in a beautiful town with a great restaurant. Any idas? Preferably wont be more than 4-5 hours outside of Manhattan.

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  1. I suggest that you take I-95 to New Haven and get off around exit 57. From there, just stay on RT 1 North and you will have miles and miles of some of the best chowder country in the world all the way into Rhode Island and beyond.

    Cheers and safe riding,


    1. Why not take the Taconic Parkway out of town, then go to Hudson NY and on through to the Berkshires. Great Barrington has good restaurants, and its a beautiful drive. Actually I love the whole area, including MassMOCA in North Adams and Bennington VT.

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        Ooh, I agree with this, what a beautiful time of year to visit the Berkshires...

      2. I would agree with nixienox, however instead of taking the Taconic, take Rt. 22 and go the "back route" and enjoy all the small towns up through to the Berkshires. I use to live up there and miss it and love it when I go up. The leaves might even be in the early stages of change as well. I would suggest going up on 22 (stop in Patterson at Texas Taco(845-878-9665) ADDICTING!!!) until you get to Amenia, NY (Cascade Mountain Winery & then take a right on Rt. 343, this will take you over the border to CT into Sharon. Once in Sharon , you can take Rt. 361 and this will take you to the next town over which is Lakeville (which recently had a Moose swimming in it's lake), once in Lakeville take a right onto Rt. 44 (on the way check you may want to check out Pastorale-860-435-1011) and this will lead you into my old town of Salisbury and if you take Rt. 41 this will take you straight to the start of the Berkshires. If you continue on Rt. 41 you will eventually merge with 23 which will bring you into Great Barrington, MA which is a great town with many great spots as well as the Barrington Brewery and great restaurants (Bizen for great Japanese on Railroad Street, YUM). Hope this helps and hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Bring back some of that fresh air for us, lol.

        1. If you go to Great Barrington, definitely eat at Pearl's. So good!