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Whats good in Nevada City and Grass Valley?

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We have been going to this area for years and have yet to find a really good spot. Any suggestions?

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  1. We really enjoyed Citrone when we were there in February. I posted on it afterwards. I haven't figured out how to link to my post, but if you search under "Nevada City" you will find my post (along with lots of others with suggestions....)

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      Here is your post:


      To link to a post: I did a search for Nevada City, found your post, and simply copy and paste the url. easy :-


      I see in your original post that you weren't sure whether it is one e or two

    2. Wow! Everyone is so different. My wife and I often (sometimes weekly) drive the 50+ miles from the valley to Grass Valley/Nevada City just to eat. We especially enjoy Northern Italian cooking or something like it. New Moon in Nevada City and Villa Venezia in Grass Valley are two favorites. Both have big wine lists with Villa Venezia having more Italian selections.

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        I second Villa Venezia - lovely old Victorian house setting in downtown, very nice food - but stay on top of them if you feel it is a bit off from what the menu promises.

      2. I agree Citronee is the most consistently good restaurant in NC.

        1. We really liked Pine "something" Cafe...Pine Street, maybe??

          1. If you're on your way to Tahoe and you need a hamburger, salad, beer, etc. for lunch, try the Northridge Inn, 773 Nevada St., Nevada City, Ca. It's worth a stop.

            1. Yes Pine Street cafe.

              I just moved here and some thing are really hard to find like good pizza and above mediocre chinese food.

              1. I would recommend New Moon Cafe.


                I grew up in N. California and my parents still live in Yuba City. My parents are not chowhoundish, but Mom likes nice service and pleasent athomosphere. Dad just likes lots of food. I enjoy eclectic dining. Something different with good taste and style. When we visit Nevada City, we normally just go to Citizens Restaurant which is a casual dining restaurant located in the historic district. However they were closed the last time we visited and we tried New Moon. IT WAS FANTASTIC. Dad had the New Moon Picnic a combinations of fresh vegetables, sliced Natural Turkey,dry Salami, White Cheddar & Provolone cheeses, Olives with sliced Baguette. It was a ton of food and all very high quality. I had the Quesadilla with Black beans, Jack cheese, caramelized Onions, Avocado,Chipotle cream & Tomatillo salsa with small Green salad. The reason I chose this is the women at the next table leaned over to me and said the queadilla is incredible. She was right! My mother had Grilled wild Salmon over Organic salad leaves with Strawberry papaya, Avocado & Lime vinaigrette. I did not get a taste because she guarded it like a middle linebacker.

                Great Service and a nice athmosphere completed the place.

                Good Luck!