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Oct 7, 2006 07:41 PM

Bistro Parisian review - Hamilton

Hi all - My hubby and I and a friend just tried out Bistro Parisian on James St S in Hamilton. Lovely decor. Good prices: Apps - $7-10, Entrees - $15-20, Dessert $5-8. Smallish wine list, but an OK selection with some decent ones in the $25-30/bottle range.

We tried the following apps:
rabbit pate, trio of 3 salads, & mussles
All good, not excellent, but definately passable. Portions largish. Could easily be shared.

1) Lamb shank with fingerling potatoes and market veggies. Lamb was great ,potatoes a tad over-done, veggies great.
2) Rabbit with ?sauce, Parisian-style gnocci & market veggies - reportedly good.
3) Duck breast with wine sauce , potato gratin and market veggies. Duck a bit tough, but nice flavour. A touch overcooked.

Creme brulee in a baby pumpkin - cute, too runny, but nice flavour
Chocolate mousse - very puddingy texture and very sweet. Prefer a lighter , richer mousse

Cappucino - excellent with a lovely dark chocolate square on the side.

Service - enthusiastic and friendly. Not perfect (had to keep double-checking what we ordered - would've been better off with a pen and paper!), but fine. No major errors.

Overall, we were very pleased with the experience and will definately go back. They've only been open since mid-summer so I hope they can iron out a few things. For the price, it's a very nice Hamilton dinner. Please post other experiences if anyone else has been there.


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  1. There seems to be a bit of development in the Hamilton resto scene over the past few months...nice to see.

    1. Thanks for the review -- I've been wondering about that place. Is it a restaurante where you can bring your own wine?

      1. You can bring your own wine. I believe the corkage was $7.50.


          1. I went for lunch soon after it had opened. Service seemed a little unsure and tentative but hopefully has settled down by now. To be honest, many items on the menu seemed a little too heavy for my tastes (albeit standard bistro type fare) and I settled for an open-faced fish (I don't recall the type of fish) sandwich. I remember thinking it was a bit pricey for lunch at first - but it came with a choice of salad or frites so perhaps it wasn't so unreasonable after all. It was OK but nothing to write home about. The wine list was small but not too exciting. For dessert, I chose the lemon tart and was disappointed a bit by the appearance; fortunately it tasted better than it looked.

            I did have a bit of an upset stomach afterwards but, to be fair, I can't conclusively say it was the result of this meal.

            Overall, I'd say it was OK but not particularly memorable. I may give them another chance but I'm in no hurry to return.